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International Business Services - Japan

International Business Services - Japan

Düsseldorf has been welcoming Japanese companies since the 1950s and is known in Germany and abroad as the "Japanese capital on the Rhine." In 1971, large numbers of industrial firms began locating in the Düsseldorf area. By the end of the 1980s the entire spectrum of service providers had followed them, including Japanese banks, insurance companies, transport firms, advertising agencies, retailers, doctors and restaurants. The consulate general in Düsseldorf is a mainstay of the Japanese community here, looking after the interests of more than 7,000 Japanese residents. It lists more than 520 firms in its catchment area - most of them either in Düsseldorf or in the direct vicinity.

In collaboration with its local Japanese partners, the Office of Economic Development provides a contact base for Japanese investors as well as for Japanese firms that are already active in Düsseldorf. A specialized service desk provides support to fledgling companies in building up their business and obtaining the necessary administrative permits and authorizations (available in Japanese). The Japan Desk is also a key contact for Japanese companies that are already active in the area. The close, productive interaction between the Düsseldorf Office of Economic Development and the Japanese community and its institutions guarantees that companies are integrated into German-Japanese networks quickly and easily.

Sabine Heber

Japan Desk
Phone +49 (0) 211.89-95870

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