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Entente Florale

Düsseldorf wins Gold

The state capital has won a gold medal in the European floral competition Entente Florale. The honour was announced at the awards ceremony in Split, Croatia, on Friday, September 19. "I'm just thrilled. Düsseldorf is a 'garden city', and all of Europe sees it that way. It's among the most beautiful cities in Europe. We will continue to do all we can so that Düsseldorf continues to bloom," promises Mayor Dirk Elbers after hearing the news from Split.

Bei der Preisverleihung in Split: Gartenamtsleiter Manfred Krick, Gründezernentin Helga Stulgies und Landtagspräsidentin Regina van Dinther (von links)
At the awards ceremony in Split: City landscaping manager Manfred Krick, Helga Stulgies, head of the city's environmental department, and President of the State Parliament of North Rhine Westphalia Regina van Dinther.

Düsseldorf was presented as blooming metropolis on the Rhine to the international judging panel on June 30, scoring high marks across the board for its palace gardens, parks and swathes of green space. Helga Stulgies, head of the city's environmental department, and city landscaping manager Manfred Krick travelled to the awards ceremony in Split as ambassadors for the city, as did President of the State Parliament of North Rhine Westphalia Regina van Dinther. They accepted the gold medal and certificate from Monika Hetsch from Austria, the chairperson of the judging panel, and the president of Entente Florale, Jaap Spros from the Netherlands.

Die 40 mal 40 Zentimeter große, mehr als zehn Kilogramm schwere Plakette wird von zwölf goldenen Blumen geziert, die für die zwölf teilnehmenden Länder stehen.
Düsseldorf's gold medal.

There were 24 cities and towns in the final round. A total of nine gold medals, 13 silver and two bronze were awarded. An in-depth breakdown of the results can be found on the internet at
www.entente-florale- deutschland.de

Monika Hetsch sang the state capital's praises: "Düsseldorf is a green city, a garden city for the soul that has grown into an important economic capital in the heart of Europe. The connection between culture and landscape architecture has always been of central importance in Düsseldorf, as has the involvement of private residents and communities. Companies, clubs and citizens all get involved in beautifying and maintaining Düsseldorf as a lush, attractive city. Düsseldorf, a garden city of vision, offers its residents and visitors a large variety of high quality open spaces and green patches. Its environmental awareness combined with tourist attractions is in evidence throughout the city. The judging panel is proud to present Düsseldorf with a gold medal."

The Entente Florale competition has the overriding aim of increasing the appreciation of nature and the environment and getting people actively involved in green projects. This was just as successful this year as it was last year for the national competition. The city, companies and private citizens worked together volunteering, sponsoring and promoting flowers, shrubs and parks, making the Rhine metropolis even more liveable, not to mention more loveable.

"I'd like to thank each and every one of you who helped during Entente Florale, whether for the municipal competitions or in your own gardens or front yards. Our success was only possible because so many people got involved for the sake of the garden city of Düsseldorf. It also showed how much the residents are interested in making their city beautiful and willing to get involved," says Mayor Elbers.

The employees in city government were singled out for special recognition from their boss: "The Entente Florale was a great challenge for our colleagues, especially those in the city landscaping department, but you pulled it off with flying colours. The new gold medal gives testament to your efforts."


Each city could be awarded a maximum of 100 points by the judging panel. A score of 85 points or more qualified the participating city for a gold medal. The focus was on three main criteria: Vegetation and landscape, environment, and finally, free time and tourism. These categories were subdivided into seasonal planting, permanent planting, open spaces and landscape (vegetation and landscape), environmental protection, environmental education, general impressions (environment), as well as free time and tourism, involvement and participation, and presentation of application (free time and tourism). Entente Florale means "floral alliance" in French. In 2009, Germany will be represented by Weimar at European level.


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Schmuckelement Entente Florale

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Schmuckelement Entente Florale

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