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Today it is recognised that setting up an office to combine cooperation between various authorities and coordinate all activities, including civilian participation, is an indispensable foundation for effective crime prevention. This approach has already been applied in many towns where crime prevention boards have been founded, for prevention, for discussion, for workgroups, etc. Their aim is to combine their knowledge of the matter and include everyone in the shared task of "community crime prevention".

In Dusseldorf there is a Crime Prevention Board as the central element of communal prevention activities. Here, all groups relevant to society as a whole can work together, contributing their ideas and their own ability to act. The authorities, city offices and other organisations are represented by their managers. This is appropriate for the requirements of such a forum which controls its functions centrally. Crime prevention must be overseen by the "bosses" if the results of this work are to be implemented quickly and completely.
Management of the Crime Prevention Board is held by the city department for order, traffic and sport.

Implementation of work results is carried out in specialist groups of experts at the work level. This system has proved itself over the last 15 years and we call it the "Dusseldorf Way".

Executive Director Crime Prevention Board
Bureau Beigeordneter Dr. Stephan Keller
Zollstraße 4
D - 40213 Düsseldorf

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