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Projects of crime prevention boards

Projekte und Aktionen sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Kriminalpräventiven Rates.

Teaserbild zum Projekt Gegen Gewalt in Schulen

Violence in schools

This specialist group has already initiated and implemented various campaigns. more

Teaserbild zum Projekt Häusliche Gewalt

Domestic Violence

This specialist group has put several projects in motion which are still being implemented today. more

Teaser zum Projekt Städtebauliche Kriminalprävention

Urban development

Projects and activities to prevent crime based on town planning situations. more

Teaserbild zum Projekt Zivilcourage

Dusseldorf Courage

This specialist group has implemented several very public and very effective projects, some of which are still being carried out today. more

Teaserbild zum Thema Diebstahl aus Kfz

Theft from cars

A campaign to sensitise automobile drivers. more

Teaserbild zum Projekt Gewalt gegen Lesben und Schwule

Violence against Lesbians and Gays

Education as the highest goal in opposing violence to lesbians and homosexuals. more

Teaserbild zum Projekt Opferschutz

Victim protection

Victim protection and victim assistance are the focus of the projects run by this specialist group. more

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