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The Dusseldorf Report

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Because there was hardly any scientific research about the effects of crime prevention programs in Germany, in February 2001 the Crime Prevention Board initiated a report to research effectiveness. This report was completed in June 2002 and is a new strategic step in community crime prevention on the part of state capital Dusseldorf. The conclusions of the "Dusseldorf Report", and the guidelines for effect-oriented crime prevention developed from it, allow for a first prognosis regarding the effectiveness of planned projects.

"It is better to prevent crimes than to punish them. But the means hitherto employed for that purpose are generally inadequate, or contrary to the end proposed."

Cesare Bonesana Marquis di Beccaria
1738 — 1794, Italian lawyer and criminologist

Especially in the wake of spectacular violent offences there is a tendency to action, which although it can be accomplished quickly, does not have a sufficient long-term effect - and therefore provides no sensible relationship between effort and result. However, it must be ensured that the limited financial means for such actions are only used for those campaigns and projects which have a measurable crime prevention effect. For not everything which is meant well - and may also cost a lot of money - shows the desired long-term effect.

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