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Specialist groups

image shows three actions: woman shows a NO - Fans at ice hockey - Man cleaning a wall for graffiti

The many tasks of the Crime Prevention Board are divided into specialist groups, which we will introduce to you here.

Teaserbild Sucht und Drogen

Addiction and Drugs

Recognising and specifying problem situations caused by addiction, with the aim of developing concrete solutions. more

Teaserbild Gewalt gegen Lesben und Schwule

Violence against Lesbians and Gays

The targeted goal is to reduce and combat violence against lesbians and homosexuals. more

Teaserbild Opferschutz

Victim protection

A union of various organisations to create a network. more

Teaserbild Sport und Sicherheit

Sport and Safety

This specialist group occupies itself with safety-relevant aspects in the run-up to large sporting events. more

Teaserbild Graffiti


The goal of this specialist group was to develop a concept for avoiding illegal graffiti. more

Teaserbild Gewalt an Schulen

Violence in Schools

The specialist group Against School Violence coordinates ant initiates projects, campaigns and extended training events. more

Teaserbild Häusliche Gewalt

Domestic Violence

This specialist group contains many experts, who are building up a network to combat domestic violence. more

Teaserbild Städtebauliche Kriminalprävention

Prevention through Urban Development

Prevention is better than cure - a basic principle, which has proved itself in many areas. Why not for construction work too? more

Teaserbild Zivilcourage

Civil Courage

The "Civil Courage" specialist group was set up at the beginning of the year 2000, and has already stimulated many projects. more

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