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The MediaHarbor - Industry structure

The MediaHarbor - Industry structure

Business & Industry Survey 2011

A total of 800 businesses employing 8,600 people survey of Media Harbour by the Office of Economic Development

Once a year Düsseldorf's Office of Economic Development carries out a survey of the business & industry structure in the Media Harbour to find out how many businesses have set up there, how many have arrived recently and how many new jobs have been newly created.

The results of this year's survey have just been released:

The results in brief:

  • With 800 businesses employing about 8,600 people in it, the Harbour is an attractive location
  • The number of new arrivals and departures is even
  • 76 % of the businesses surveyed have their head office here
  • With meanwhile 76 businesses in the restaurant/entertainment sector (representing a share of about 9.5 %) the Media Harbour is a popular leisure quarter
  • 23 % of the businesses based there are from the media and communication industry
  • The media industry, at about 30 %, provides most of the jobs in the Harbour.

Background and data material

The following streets and roads in and around the Media Harbour were included in the survey: Am Fallhammer, Am Handelshafen, Am Kuhtor, Auf der Lausward, Blasiusstrasse, Bremer Strasse, Brückenstrasse, Cuxhavener Strasse, Erftstrasse, Ernst-Gnoß-Strasse, Franziusstrasse, Fringsstrasse, Gilbachstrasse, Gladbacher Strasse, Hamburger Strasse, Hammer Dorfstrasse, Hammer Strasse, Holzstrasse, Kaistrasse, Kesselstrasse, Neckarstrasse, Neuer Zollhof, Plange Mühle, Plockstrasse, Speditionstrasse, Stadttor, Stromstrasse, Weizenmühlenstrasse, Wesermünder Strasse, Wupperstrasse, Zollhof. Hammer Dorfstrasse and Gladbacher Strasse were not completely included in the survey (Hammer Dorfstrasse as far as the corner with Blasiusstrasse, Gladbacher Strasse as far as the corner with Völklinger Strasse), since because of their length they can be regarded as belonging only partly to the Media/Harbour zone.

Evaluation of the data is based on feedback from 301 businesses. The sole exception is that the business & industry evaluation relates to all 800 businesses based in the area.

Evaluation in detail

The Office of Economic Development counted 800 businesses in the Media Harbour zone and neighbouring areas. If one looks at the beginnings of the media mile and goes back to 1999, one sees that since then the number of businesses has risen nearly six-fold (1999: 139 businesses) in step with the continuous construction of new buildings.

Business & industry structure


The audiovisual media (AV) print media/advertising industry, with a share of 15.4 %, is the sector most strongly represented. If one includes the information/communications industries too, the share rises to 23.4 %.
The next-strongest business sector is management consultancies & law firms, with 13.6 %. 10.5 % of the businesses operate in the architecture/real estate/construction sector.


Fashion is strongly represented, with 10.9 %. The Media Harbour with its unique ambience and international appeal as a place of outstanding architecture has attracted a whole host of well-known fashion labels with their head offices or major distribution branches to the Rhine.
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Health care

More and more health care businesses, for example, dispensing chemists and medical or other practices, are moving in and making an important contribution to local amenities. These sectors now represent a share of 3.6 %.

Restaurants and caterers

With a total of 76 restaurant and catering businesses, or 9.5 %, the harbour is a very popular leisure quarter and meeting place, which fairly pulsates with activity in the area between the Commercial Harbour and Hammer Strasse in the midday hours and evenings.

Head office or branch office

The survey by the Office of Economic Development revealed that the greater part of the businesses based in the harbour, at 76 %, is represented there by a head office. This strongly suggests that, as already noted in the case of the fashion sector, having an address in Düsseldorf's internationally renowned media mile is for many businesses a matter of prestige. Not without reason have rents in Helmut Jahn's recently completed high-rise SIGN! building in the Commercial Harbour now soared to become the highest in Düsseldorf.
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Business size/jobs in the Media Harbour

According to this year's survey in the Media Harbour the number of people employed has remained unchanged at 8,600. This figure was obtained from responses to the survey and from estimates used as a basis.

More than 31 % of the businesses have 10–49 employees. 30.5 % employ fewer than 5 people, and 23.8 % employ 5–9 people. The business size structure in the Media Harbour has therefore not changed over the past years – small businesses continue to predominate.
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The MediaHarbor - Industry structure

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