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The MediaHarbor - The buildings

The MediaHarbor - architectural row

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If you want to see what’s happening in today’s architecture, Düsseldorf’s MediaHarbor is the place for you. Against a historical backdrop, you’ll find contemporary works of the German and international star architects who have given the MediaHarbor in Düsseldorf its international reputation.

The area has become a destination for architectural tourism, with groups of fascinated visitors gravitating to the highlights - especially to Frank O. Gehry’s Leaning Towers. The New York Times posed the question: "Why weren’t these towers built in New York?"

International and German architects

International architects
Bob Gansfort Speditionstraße 7
Claude Vasconi, Frankreich "Grand Bateau"
David Chipperfield, GB Kaistraße 16
Designarchitect: Frank O. Gehry, USA Neuer Zollhof
Fumihiko Maki, Japan "Maki-Solitär"
Joe Coenen, Maastricht "DOCK"
Murphy /Jahn, Chicago/Berlin Speditionstraße 1–3
Steven Holl, USA Kaistraße 18
William Alsop, GB "Colorium"


German architects
Architects Norbert Wansleben, Cologne Am Handelshafen 4/"PEC "
BM+P Beucker Maschlanka + Partner Media center
Dr. Alberto Priolo Speditionstraße 11–15
Döring Dahmen Joeressen Architects Kai Center
Döring Dahmen Joeressen Architekten "Kai 13"
Gatermann Schossig Partner Architects BDA, Cologne "Capricorn Haus"
Grimbacher Nogales architects Hammer Straße 23
HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner Kaistraße 8
Kaistraße 5
Ingenhoven Overdiek Architects Kaistraße 16 a
Speditionstraße 17
Plange Mühle
KLMT Architects Kaistraße 12–14 a
Norbert Winkels Kaistraße 3
Kaistraße 11
Norbert Winkels
Design of extension: agiplan Integrale Bauplanung GmbH, Duisburg
Plockstraße 30
Overdiek Petzinka & Partner The Düsseldorf City Gate
Parade architects WDR
Petzinka Pink Technological Architecture Speditionstraße
Petzinka Pink Technologische Architecture Hammer Straße 19
Prof. Eller NRW Parliament
Prof. Findeisen & Wächter Architects, Cologne Holzstraße 2
Prof. Günther Uecker and Thomas Beucker Media Square
Prof. Harald Deilmann Rhine Tower
Prof. Zamp Kelp, Berlin Kaistraße 8 a
RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky Kaistraße 4, 4 a und 6
sop architects by order of JKS Dipl. Ing. Architects, Frankfurt The Bridge
sop architects by order of JKS. Dipl. Ing.architects, Frankfurt Point at the end of
werk.um Architects, Darmstadt "House of Architects"


Executive architects
BM + P Beucker Maschlanka + Partner Neuer Zollhof

The MediaHarbor - architectural row

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