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Discover Düsseldorf: The Old Town

Kneipenszene mit Köbes in der Altstadt
Außenansicht K 20 - Kunstsammlung NRW
K21 Kunstsammlung
Bolkerstraße in der Altstadt
Gastronomie auf der Rheinuferpromenade
Rhine promenade
Burgplatz mit Schlossturm und Lambertus-Basilika Burgplatz
Die Treppe an der Rheinuferpromenade
The stairs on the Rhine promenade
Rheinfront im Bereich der Altstadt
Bolkerstraße in der Altstadt

The longest bar in the world

Since the rock band Toten Hosen dedicated their song "Altbierlied" (dark beer song) to Düsseldorf's pubs and bars, "the longest bar in the world" has become famous far beyond Düsseldorf. More than 250 pubs, restaurants and bars line the streets of the Old Town. Quaint breweries, trendy restaurants or student pubs with a friendly atmosphere - go for it and explore the variety!

A Mecca for culture and art buffs

Modern art, international painters, ceramics, films and movies, boat tours on the Rhine or town history - the museums of the Old Town offer something for everybody. The highlight for art lovers is the Kunstsammlung NRW.

Shopping - Just enjoy!

Shopping is a must in Düsseldorf - and shopping in the Old Town has its unique flair. Unlike the exclusive shopping boulevard Kö, the Old Town not only invites fashion victims but also bargain hunters to enjoyable shopping sprees. Numerous boutiques offer trendy fashion at a reasonable price as well as original or stylish jewellery. You will find quaint boutiques and specialist shops round the delicatessen market on Karlsplatz and in numerous arcades and lanes.

Relax and go for a stroll along the Rhine promenade

Exhausted from your city tour or from carrying shopping bags? Take a break and enjoy the panorama at the Rhine embankment. During all seasons you can see cyclists, strollers and skaters on the wide promenade. Numerous cafés and pubs offer a magnificent view over the Rhine, the Oberkassel Rhine banks and the Rhine meadows. If you feel like going on a boat tour, you can get tickets for cruises on the Rhine at the landing places of the Köln Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt.

Trendy Burgplatz

The Burgplatz is the ideal place if you want to relax, have a dark beer and look over the Rhine. The area round the castle tower received an award as one of the most beautiful squares Germany. Young and old meet on the adjacent flight of steps after work and at weekends. Starting from here you can stroll along the Rhine up to the trade fair or cycle to the medieval town Kaiserswerth.

History of Düsseldorf

Are you interested in the history of the city of Düsseldorf? The Lambertus Basilica, the castle tower and the river Düssel form the original centre of the Old Town. The small river, from which the city derived its name, is only visible between Liefergasse and Burgplatz. Here, a monument commemorates the Battle of Worringen after which the village on the Düssel was granted town rights.

Additional background information is available at Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH.

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Would you like to go where Düsseldorf's life is pulsating? Then the Old Town is the place to be. The quarter around Bolkerstraße is popular with night owls as it offers a great variety of restaurants and pubs as well as bars and clubs. But those who are interested in culture will also enjoy the Old Town, whether during the day or in the evening. Events like the annual festival Altstadtherbst (autumn in the Old Town) attract several tens of thousands of visitors from the region. In addition the Old Town is housing a host of museums and galleries as well as famous sights, which can be explored conveniently on a walking tour. Just go for a stroll along the narrow lanes or the banks of the Rhine, have a look at all those old churches and walk on the cobblestones across which Jan Wellem once rode.

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