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Discover Düsseldorf: Architecture - Creative and multi-faceted

Die Gehry-Bauten im MedienHafen, im Hintergrund der Rheinturm
Media Harbour
Skyline mit Schlossturm in der Altstadt, im Hintergrund das GAP 15
Das Thyssen-Haus, im Volksmund auch Dreischeibenhaus genannt
Kniebrücke im Sonnenuntergang
Außenansicht K 20 - Kunstsammlung NRW
K20 Kunstsammlung
Außenansicht des Ständehauses, das im Inneren die K 21 - Kunstsammlung NRW - beheimatet

Modern era - Media Harbour

The slanting towers and modern structures fascinate international connoisseurs of architecture. If you go from the city towards the Stadttor, you are on the right track. The imposing steel and glass structure is a landmark and an integral part of the modern skyline in the Media Harbour, which consists of the Kniebrücke, Landtag (State Parliament), Rheinturm (Rhine tower) and the new harbour high-rises like the Gehry buildings. The Gehry buildings have been an icon of Düsseldorf since 1999 and with their tilted walls and inclined towers, are always an impressive sight.

Up, up and away - Düsseldorf's towers and high-rises

Did you know that one of the oldest office blocks in Germany is in Düsseldorf? The development of high-rises in the State capital already started in the twenties. In 1922/23, the Wilhelm Marx Haus was built by the architect Wilhelm Kreis. The building was named after a mayor of Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorfers then aimed really high with the Rheinturm: at 234 metres; the structure dominates the skyline of the city. But the tallest building in Düsseldorf is the ARAG building. The Victoria Tower and the Dreischeibenhaus with the neighbouring Schauspielhaus are not quite that high at 125 metres, but they undoubtedly leave their mark on the city's profile.

Crossing seven bridges

There are seven bridges that characterise the cityscape of Düsseldorf. Within the city area, the Rhine is spanned by three bridges - the Oberkasseler, the Rheinknie and the Theodor Heuss bridges. The Oberkasseler bridge hit the headlines in 1976: the entire structure, weighing 12,500 tonnes, was moved downstream about 50 m.

Cubical, curved and transparent - The art axis

Almost all the famous art institutions of Düsseldorf are located along an axis that stretches from the Ehrenhof up to the Ständehaus. And along this axis, it is not just fans of visual arts who will be delighted. Buildings like the expressionist Ehrenhof, the Art Museum K20 or the renovated Ständehaus with its glass dome are also architectural masterpieces.

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Architecture is the art of giving a city a face. And a sense for modernity is reflected in Düsseldorf's features. The expressionist Ehrenhof was built as early as in the twenties. The Dreischeibenhaus is considered to be typical of the skyscraper construction of the late fifties. The Media Harbour is home to architecture by Gehry and Chipperfield, more contemporary, artistic architects would be hard to find. The architecture is multi-faceted. Go on a voyage of discovery!

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