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Discover Düsseldorf: The joy of shopping

Schaufensterbummel auf der Kö
Straßencafe auf der Kö
Spiegelung Straßenszene vor den Schadow-Arkaden
Schadow Arcades
Abend auf der Schadowstraße
Altstadt boutique
Straßenszene Königsallee
Wochenmarkt auf dem Carlsplatz

Sheer luxury - Königsallee

It is regarded as the most exclusive kilometre in Germany, the trademark of Düsseldorf, and is an absolute must for every visitor; the famed Königsallee, which is affectionately referred to as the "Kö". This glamorous boulevard is home to the branches of all the top designers, and to exclusive jewellers, perfume, porcelain and antiques shops that can provide everything you can think of when it comes to luxury. You can also go window-shopping in the shopping malls on and near the Kö on rainy. On the other hand, the word on sunny days is: Get out! Sit in one of the pavement cafés and watch the world pass by in comfort. Because, apart from shopping, the buzzword on the Kö is "watch and be seen".

More of everything - Schadowstraße

If you would like something a little less pricey and simply need to restock your wardrobe, then the Schadowstraße springs to mind. It is one of the most visited shopping streets in Germany and has one of the highest sales turnovers. Numerous department stores and shops line both sides of the street that joins up directly to the Königsallee. All the best-known fashion chains, department stores, and in particular, shoe shops, have a huge selection on offer.

Avantgarde and trendy - Altstadt (Old Town)

The Altstadt has a great deal more to offer than just bars and restaurants. Apart from souvenirs, you can also find boutiques and avantgarde shops with curiosities and the very latest fashion. The Altstadt is the first choice in the city for fashion trends, art and design. The combination of museums and art galleries, boutiques and restaurants make shopping in the Altstadt an extraordinarily varied experience.

Little Tokyo - Immermannstraße

More than 7,000 Japanese live in Düsseldorf. The Japanese area is located in and around the Immermannstraße. Here you can find just about everything that the Japanese heart desires for its daily needs, from books and kimonos to vases.

Shopping in the south of the city - Friedrichstraße

To the south of Königsallee is the start of the area around the Friedrichstraße, an ideal starting point for daily shopping: packed close together are supermarkets and discount drug stores, chemists, bakeries and flower shops - as well as the biggest and best-stocked bookshop of the city.

From Art Deco to the market - Around Carlstadt

The shopping area for devotees of art borders directly onto the Altstadt. The Carlstadt offers historical flair and a large collection of exclusive antiques shops, jewellers, galleries and art dealers, plus weekly markets and flea markets.

Flea markets and street markets

Visit the market on the Carlsplatz: Just like in all the markets in Düsseldorf, you can find specialities from the region and items from all parts of the world. The many flea markets and street markets offer old books, items of furniture and other treasures.

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A pair of Prada trousers, instructions on how to draw manga, and a toothbrush - unfortunately you have to look in three different shops for these things in Düsseldorf as well. But at least the shops are well in walking distance of each other. And along the way you will most likely find many other opportunities to satisfy the wishes of the consumer, whether for everyday shopping or for something out of the ordinary. You don't believe it? Then just go out there and see for yourself!

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