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Discover Düsseldorf: Recreational Fun for Families

Flanieren auf der Rheinuferpromenade
Rhine promenade
Inline-Skater auf der Rheinuferpromenade
Besucher in der K 20 - Kunstsammlung NRW -
Ausflugsboot auf dem Rhein
Weidende Schafe auf den Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen
Wassersportler auf dem Unterbacher See
Unterbacher See
Turmspringer im Schwimmbad Rheinbad
Spielende Kinder auf dem Spielplatz

Along the beautiful Rhine

The Rhine is accessible from almost everywhere from the south to the north of the city and attracts many skaters, cyclists and strollers to its banks. On the Oberkassel side of the Rhine, opposite the Rhine promenade, adults and children can be seen flying their kites. Inline skaters have free passage along the Rhine promenade and on the paths along the banks between Oberkassel and Heerdt.

Culture that's fun

In Düsseldorf, museums can be inviting places for the whole family. Many theatres also have special stage programs for children, like the puppet or doll shows and the children's or youth theatre, or the Spektakulum. The museums in the city take efforts to ensure that children learn in a playful and entertaining manner, with a wide variety of specials and guided tours, so kids later can say "Culture is cool".

Ship ahoy!

The Köln-Düsseldorfer and a Weiße Flotte lines offer child and adult sailors various round-trips in and around Düsseldorf. Take a trip to Zons or Kaiserswerth. Or simply enjoy the view of Düsseldorf from the Rhine.

Little boats, a beach and hiking paths - Unterbacher See

Especially in the summer months, the Unterbacher See is a popular destination for families: the lake, covering 87 hectares, invites young and old alike for sailing, surfing, paddling, or swimming. If you don't want to get your feet wet, you can walk or cycle along the paths on the banks. There are camping sites for staying overnight in Düsseldorf's biggest recreational area. And if you get prior permission from the authorities, you can barbecue the steaks and sausages that you've stowed away in the bag.

Take a dip - Bathing in Düsseldorf

Splashing, swimming, sliding - in the open or under a roof: with six indoor swimming pools, four open-air pools and a adventure pool, Düsseldorf has a rich choice for water lovers. All the indoor pools have a family day with swimming courses for adults, children and young people. Some pools also have exercise programmes like baby swimming, aqua jogging, snorkelling or hydro power.

Playgrounds, petting zoos and picnics in the region

Do the children want to play outside? In Düsseldorf, there are many play grounds and recreational facilities in which they can vent their energy as much as they want. Would you like to show your children that cows are not purple as shown on TV? Take them to one of the petting zoos, where they can observe, feed and stroke the animals.
Of course, there's always the alternative of a picnic to some place close by.

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Holiday activities are a matter of negotiation: dad wants one thing (the Old Town brewery?), mum another (the Kö!), the children want something else again. So what do you offer? It's not all that easy to choose between the numerous options. Here's some help with your choice.

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