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Discover Düsseldorf: The City of Art

Art Academy
Akademie-Galerie am Burgplatz
Academy's Gallery
Kinder im Museum
Außenansicht der Kunsthalle
Innenansicht der Kunsthalle
Außenansicht des Ständehauses, das im Inneren die K 21 - Kunstsammlung NRW - beheimatet
K21 Kunstsammlung
Außenansicht K 20 - Kunstsammlung NRW
K20 Kunstsammlung
Innenansicht des Filmmuseums
Film Museum
Goethe-Museum im Schloss Jägerhof
Jägerhof Palace
Innenansicht Hetjensmuseum / Deutsches Keramikmuseum
Hetjens Museum
Innenansicht museum kunstpalast
museum kunstpalast
Ehrenhof Ensemble
Ein Düsseldorfer Künstler bei der Ausstellung seiner Werke

Art metropolis with a long tradition

For centuries, renowned painters, sculptors and performance artists have moulded the cultural life of the city. The long artistic traditions of Düsseldorf go back to the times of the Elector Jan Wellem and his successor Carl Theodor, who opened the Kunstakademie or Art Academy in 1772.

Right from the "Düsseldorfer Malschule" (painting school), which influenced landscape painting in the 19th century, through the start of the modern era with artists like Paul Klee or Otto Pankok, up to the new beginning of avantgarde after the WWII it was Düsseldorf that decisively shaped the national and international art scene. Until today, Düsseldorf has remained the city of artists: painter Jörg Immendorff, sculptor Thomas Schütte and photographer Andreas Gursky live and work here and alongside many others, contribute to the lively artist scene of the city.

The heart of the city of art

The heart of the art community is the Kunstakademie. Whether Joseph Beuys, Markus Lüpertz, Jörg Immendorff, Bernd or Hilla Becher: the professors of the academy have regularly caused discussions to be initiated, indeed, often also provoked them repeatedly drawn international attention to Düsseldorf as an art metropolis.

The city museums

Baroque oil paintings, fine ceramic treasures, bizarre sculptures, flickering video art, those interested in art get their money's worth in the museums in Düsseldorf. Set off on a journey of discovery!

There are two important museums located opposite one another in the Old Town at Grabbeplatz: the Kunsthalle or Art Hall and the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen (art collection of the state of North-Rhine-Westfalia). The Kunsthalle is one of the most distinct structures in Düsseldorf with its concrete architecture and exhibits contemporary art in different exhibitions. It is also home to the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen (Art Society for the Rhineland and Westfalen) which was founded in 1829. With about 4,000 members, the society, which is committed to young, contemporary works, is one of the largest of its kind in Germany.

The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen - K20 concentrates on the art of the 20th century. Important works from Picasso to Beuys can be admired here in the permanent exhibition. Temporary exhibitions with works of famous artists also attract many visitors. Since 2002, the Kunstsammlung also runs Dependance K21 which is based in the historical Ständehaus and is dedicated to art from the 21st century.

Enter the "Palast der Illusionen" (Palace of Illusions)

The Film Museum, opened in 1993 and is also located in the Old Town. Apart from different travelling exhibitions, it has a permanent exhibition on the history of films and cinema. It also has its own cinema.

Colourful porcelain from all over the world

The film museum shares a building with the Hetjens-Museum / Deutsches Keramikmuseum. It is the only special museum in Germany presenting ceramic works from different cultures and ages.
Fine porcelain can also be found in the Ernst Schneider collection in Schloss Jägerhof. It consists of about 1,300 exhibits: high-quality porcelain, mainly from Meissen, silver work and furniture from the 18th century.

Impressive Ehrenhof

The oldest exhibition building in Düsseldorf is located to the north of the Old Town in the culturally and architecturally historical Ehrenhof and is called the Kunstpalast (palace of art). Funded by the "museum kunst palast" foundation, the collections of the art museum cover the historical spectrum from the galleries of Jan Wellem to modern art.

The collection at the Ehrenhof is rounded off by the NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft (NRW Forum of Culture and Economy). This exhibitions and events hall was opened in 1998 and since then, has been making a name for itself with its unusual presentations and events.

Lively suburbs

Those interested in art should also consider the suburbs such as Kaiserswerth, where collectors and artists set up, the Kunstarchiv Kaiserswerth (Art Archive) in an old school in 2001. Or visit Benrath and Schloss Benrath which has been home to the Museum for European Horticultural Art since 2002.

Lively young art scene

The Kunstraum Düsseldorf in Bilk is a forum for young artists. It is supported by local artists and art historians and provides talents from Düsseldorf and beyond an opportunity to present their work. The Kunstraum is a great addition to the extensive museum and gallery landscape of Düsseldorf.

Galleries - Launching pad to international careers

There are more than 100 galleries in Düsseldorf. They offer an extensive range of exhibitions and are frequently a launching pad into the international art scene for young artists. Especially as the international art scene holds Düsseldorf's galleries and artists in high regard.

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Painting, sculpture or photography - art plays an important role in Düsseldorf. The Rhine metropolis has an international reputation as a city of art. The many museums and galleries in the city also show the variety of artistic creation: reputed classical works are just as much a part of the scene here as avantgardist works of the post-modern era. Art is celebrated in Düsseldorf at the Quadriennale: all the large museums participate in the art festival, which will be staged every four years from the year 2006 with a certain motto.

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