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Discover Düsseldorf: Places & Squares

Blick vom Rheinturm auf die Gehry-Bauten
Rheinturm view
Landendes Flugzeug auf dem Flughafen Düsseldorf-International
Die Fußgängerbrücke im MedienHafen
Flanieren auf der Rheinuferpromenade
Rhine promenade
Sankt Margareta Kirche in Gerresheim
St. Margareta
Die Ruine der Kaiserpfalz in Kaiserswerth
Sankt Suitbertuskirche in Kaiserswerth
St. Suitbertus
Luftaufnahme der Altstadt
The Old Town
See im Hofgarten (Landskrone)
The Hofgarten

Viewing the city from above

Toy cars and streets no broader than pencils; houses as small as matchboxes: the sight of the city and the Media Harbour from the viewing platform of the 234 metre high Rheinturm is breathtaking and a must for visitors to the city. Sitting in the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower for an hour, you can see all of Düsseldorf. The flashing circular portholes are another special feature of the Rheinturm and represent the biggest decimal clock in the world.

Beautiful views...

Düsseldorf is at its best along the Rhine: from Oberkasseler Rheinwiese opposite the Old Town or the Heerdter Rheinschleife, you can get a particularly nice view of the city silhouette. For a wide view right up to the Ruhr Valley, take a car to the eastern part of Düsseldorf. On the way from Gut Knittkuhl (Knittkuhler Str. 20) to the glider airfield you can get a fantastic view of Duisburg. It's also a great spot to observe the passenger planes in their landing approach to Düsseldorf airport.

Wanderlust and the fragrance of the far-away worlds

Whether driven by wanderlust or drawn by a keen interest in planes, the Düsseldorf airport has a box seat for anyone. Visit the two viewers' galleries at the terminal and the railway station and get a first-hand impression of what is going on. Düsseldorf airport is one of the biggest airports in Germany.

Holiday atmosphere at the harbour basin

Sitting by the water, slurping a "milk coffee" or well chilled cocktails and letting watching the world go by - if this sort of holiday atmosphere you are looking for, simply go to the Düsseldorf Media Harbour or the lawns next to the Rheinturm

Sun, palms and lots to see

When the weather is warm and sunny, this place has a holiday atmosphere: from the open-air steps at the Burgplatz and the Rhine promenade, you can get an outstanding view of the Rhine ships gliding past, the cable-stayed bridge, the Oberkassel Rhine banks and the far-away Rheinauen. You can either walk along the promenade or enjoy the magnificent view from one of the open-air restaurants.

Romantic little place on the edge of the woods

The historic Gerricusplatz is located in Gerresheim, in the foothills of Bergische Land where Düsseldorf gets hillier. The ancient, high trees in front of the Sankt Margareta basilica cast their shade. The fountain in the middle of the square narrates the history of Gerresheim. The "Alte Marktplatz" or old marketplace is located close by. With its sycamore trees and the monument, it is reminiscent of French squares. Perhaps that's why boule is played here so often?

Picturesque and historic

Stiftsplatz and the Suitbertus basilica are not far from Kaiserpfalz in the town centre of Kaiserswerth. Thanks to its quiet location and the historic buildings, it is one of the most beautiful and popular places on the lower Rhine. Many restaurants and cafes are located around the square.

Nature spots

Naturally, the many parks in the city also offer places to rest and recuperate. Romantic nooks under trees or near ponds, enchanted gardens and green oases - every park has its own character.

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High up or up close on the water: in good weather, Düsseldorfers are drawn to the vantage points in their city. Let us show you where you can see and be seen.

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