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Discover Düsseldorf: The Sports City

Bezirkssportanlage Rath
Blick auf die ESPRIT arena
Skater auf der Rheinuferpromenade
Radrennen auf der Kö
Wassersportler auf dem Unterbacher See
Tennis World Team Cup im Düsseldorfer Rochusclub
FIS Ski-Weltcup in Düsseldorf
Öffentlicher Golfplatz Auf der Lausward
American Football: Rhein Fire Düsseldorf
Auf der Pferderennbahn in Düsseldorf-Grafenberg

As far as your feet carry you - Group jogging in Düsseldorf

Want a different way to see the sights of the city? Advanced runners can compete in the Rhine marathon, in the Kö Lauf or the Brückenlauf or bridge race. Düsseldorf's parks and district sports facilities and the banks of the Rhine are great places for running. If you don't wish to jog alone, you can join one of the many jogging groups.

Inline skaters - Speeding along the Rhine

It's not just the Rhine promenade that makes Düsseldorf a skater's paradise. Events like Skate by Night or the Skate Marathon attract very many in-line fans to the State capital every year. But skating enthusiasts can get their money's worth in Düsseldorf even if there are no races on. One favoured stretch is on the promenade along the banks of the Rhine, from the Burgplatz to the Rheinturm or a little bit further out, on the Rheindamm between the city boroughs of Volmerswerth and Hamm. The open air flight of steps at the Schlossturm is where skaters hang out.

Cycling in and around Düsseldorf

If you are interested in cycling or are an enthusiastic cyclist yourself, you have plenty of opportunity for both in the city. The "Rund um die Kö" race draws many cycling fans to Düsseldorf. Moreover, there are any number of routes in the city along which you can work on your fitness. In nice weather, particularly, the "Erlebnisweg Rheinschiene" (The Rhine Experience Track), a track that goes along the Rhine, is recommended. Cycling is also a pleasure in the Düsseldorfer Stadtwälder, the city's woods.
If you are planning a tour in the vicinity, there are really useful tips in the NRW bicycle route planner.

Sport for water lovers - Swimming, surfing, water-skiing

No matter whether you like to be in or on the water, in Düsseldorf, we have something for every water lover. The Unterbacher See is the place for surfing, sailing and swimming in the middle of Nature. Düsseldorf's rowers and canoeists scull and paddle in the clubs on the Rhine or in the MedienHafen. Swimmers can keep fit in the indoor swimming pools and the open air baths. There is a water-skiing facility in Langenfeld for wakeboard and water-skiing enthusiasts.

Hit the ball - Tennis, squash and badminton

There are very many racquet enthusiasts in Düsseldorf, and the World Team Cup, which is held here every year, is not the only reason for it. There are numerous associations and clubs in the city that promote duels from the baseline or at the net.

For the cool types - Winter sports even in summer

Skiing on the Rhine? Yes, it's possible! The city is well-known for its winter sports facilities, and not just because the FIS cross-country skiing World Cup is held in Düsseldorf. The highest indoor winter sports facility in Europe is very close by, in Neuss. Winter sports fans can ski here the whole year, and meet people with like interests in Après Ski. Ice skaters can go to the Düsseldorf rink.

Quietly push a ball around

Whether billiards, bowling or skittles, the city has numerous facilities for the quieter ball games. Or would you rather improve your handicap at one of the golf courses?

Cheer from the sidelines - Düsseldorf's top sports

If you'd rather just watch instead of sweating it out yourself, visit a game of the top teams of Düsseldorf. Soccer, handball and basketball are among the most popular spectator sports. Ice-hockey is played as skilfully here as table-tennis, while American Football provides a lot of entertainment. Fans of the king of sports make their way to Grafenberg. The race track there is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Germany.

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Whether on foot or with inline skates, on the soccer field or the relevant grandstand: the Düsseldorfer likes to be on the move and is also happy to watch others out of puff. That Düsseldorf is a sports city has been proven by events like the World Team Cup in tennis, the FIS Cross-country Skiing Cup or the Rhine Marathon - during which the city's citizen also get ambitious.

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