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Discover Düsseldorf: Attractions in the Vicinity

Art and nature - The museum island Hombroich

Just 10 minutes by car from Düsseldorf takes you to the art island of Hombroich. Nature lovers and art lovers both get their money's worth here. Between woods, meadows and ponds, you can view large sculptures and sculptures from different cultures. Works of contemporary art are housed in the exhibition buildings and the artists' studios. There is also a culture and future laboratory in the museum, located on the premises of a former rocket base.

The biggest river port in Europe in Duisburg

If you haven't already come by the pleasure boat from Kaiserswerth or Zons, you have your chance for a boat ride in Duisburg's harbour: the ride gives you a small impression of the importance of the largest river port in Europe. The different museums in the harbour provide information on the background. If the broad range of gastronomic delights on the quay has appealed to you, don't hold back, step right in!

Idyll and primeval times

What is the origin of man? This is the eternal question to which the Neanderthal Museum has dedicated itself. It is about 20 minutes from the centre of Düsseldorf by car. The emphasis in the exhibition of man's history is and as you can guess from the site the Neanderthal Man. Life-sized figures are modelled on the basis of cranium findings; there are audio texts, films and interactive information for getting background knowledge. A walk through the forest and on the paths of the Neanderthal is a good way to round off the visit to the museum.

The road of horticultural art

The gardens between Kleve and Brühl as well as Rhine and Maas were secrets until just recently. The Straße der Gartenkunst (road of horticultural art) initiative has now made these treasures accessible to the uninitiated as well, and this road takes you from the English Garden to Baroque Gardens to the Museum for European Horticulture in Schloss Benrath and on to the plant collection in the Schloss Dyck.

Raw middle ages -Toll fortress Zons and Schloss Burg

The toll fortress of Zons is located just half an hour from the centre of Düsseldorf. The well-preserved city wall, the gates, the medieval streets and walking paths make for a nice walk.
You can experience how the knights once lived in Schloss Burg near Solingen, just 35 kilometres from the State capital. Get an insight into the culture of the middle ages. The bazaars and the knights jousting that take place regularly are particularly popular.

The Rhenish brown coal mines

Excavators and mines up close: an informative tour along the well signposted Straße der Energie (road of energy) leads through the biggest brown coal mine in the Rhineland. You can drive or cycle past 13,000-ton bucket wheel excavators and ditches up to 400 meters deep in various colour shades. The themes of the tour are open-pit mining, energy generation and reclaiming former mining areas.

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What does the Düsseldorfer do if the Old City and Burgplatz are overflowing with people on a Sunday? He/she either dives in, or goes to one of the beautiful places in the vicinity: there's plenty to discover around the State capital, whether it is an art island near Neuss, medieval festivals in Burg and Zons or a visit to the Neanderthal.

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