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About the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf

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The Filmmuseum Düsseldorf, located in the Old Town of North Rhine Westphalia’s state capital, was founded in 1993. This interactive museum gives an exciting access to the world of movies, spanning from its earliest beginnings to present day.

Its permanent exhibition (approx. 2,200m²) conveys a lively history of film, and presents a selection of rare vintage film technology. Camera obscuras and laterna magicas from the 1880s, film projectors and cameras from early 20th century to present day, set models, stage design, props and costumes can be marvelled at. A replica film studio and a special effects section give an insight into actual movie making.

The visitor will also witness production processes and the impact of film on everybody’s life. Aside from its permanent exhibition the Filmmuseum comprises a vast archive, a library and a cinema with daily screenings. One of only four remaining Welte-Cinema organs (built in 1928) is used to accompany silent movies.

Educational programs, seminars, and workshops on film and media attract schools, universities and a variety of institutions from across the state. The Filmmuseum Düsseldorf also produces film-related exhibitions which travel nationwide and internationally.

The collections comprise about 500.000 photographs, more than 25.000 posters, in addition press kits, news clips, reviews, film programs, scripts/dialogue lists and other production documents.

Schattenspielfiguren Important assets are bequests by the likes of Lotte Reiniger, Helmut Käutner, Wolfgang Staudte, Harry Piel or Liesl Karlstadt. The shadow play collection is truly exceptional, it contains about 500 figurines from 13th to 19th century, documents on the history of this art, props, accessories and a stage.

Being the only Filmmuseum of North Rhine Westphalia, it is also home to the state’s film collection. The film archive boasts more than 6.000 films, plus about 14.000 video tapes and DVDs.

The library comprises 30.000 titles. Books, journals, magazines and other printed information can be consulted by appointment.

Executive Director

Bernd Desinger

Phone +49-211-89-93770
Fax     +49-211-89-93768
Bernd.Desinger@ duesseldorf.de
Bernd Desinger
  • 1993
  • 2.200 square meters
    Exhibition area
  • 500.000
  • 25.000
  • 500
    Shadowplay Figurines
  • 6.000
    Film prints
  • 14.000
    Videos and DVDs
  • 30.000
    Books and Media
  • 133
    Seating capacity of
    "Black Box," the filmmuseum's
    movie theater
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