Düsseldorf distinguishes itself through its' best position in Europe.

Germany's Top Location for Business and Foreign Investment

Ranked as Germany's number one city for foreign direct investment, Düsseldorf is an international business hub in the heart of Europe. Thanks to its high quality of life and moderate living costs, Düsseldorf has become a magnet for international companies. The city's central location on the European continent as well as its excellent transportation infrastructure and international airport, means that many European destinations are within easy reach. The city government is decidedly pro-business and actively promotes entrepreneurship. This combined with a safe living environment, tolerance, open-mindedness and the famous Rhineland hospitality, means that the Düsseldorf region is now the second-most popular destination for foreign direct investment in Europe … behind only London, but ahead of Paris.

Top industries in Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf economy is characterized by a broad mix of industries. As a result, it offers all company-relevant services at the location, creates synergy effects and is highly stable.