Düsseldorf is one of Germany's most important centres of commerce, with 2,540 wholesalers, 3,700 retailers and a total of 984,000 square meters of selling area. Numerous major international and national trade and retail groups are based here, including the METRO AG, Electronic Partner, Salzgitter Steel Trading, C&A, Peek & Cloppenburg, Douglas, Mitsubishi and Mitsui.


Facts and figures

  • 3,700 retail businesses
  • 2,500 wholesale businesses
  • 70,800 people employed in retail
  • 4.9 billion  Euro annual retail sales
  • 984,117 m² retail space
  • Wholesale: largest employee growth 2011–2017 compared to other major cities–
  • Third highest wholesale sales per employee compared to other major cities–
  • Revenue index: 135.5 (2nd place among major German cities)