Tour de Famille: FamilyTour

Museum? – Boring! Cinema? – Who wants to sit there for that long? Fancy restaurant? – Can be embarrassing. If you are travelling with younger children, you have to overcome a few hurdles when planning a successful holiday. The best way to do this is with the classic combination of animals + freedom of movement, in brief: a family outing.
Length: 1 day, on foot and by car.

Düsseldorf for the entire family – the ports of call
Düsseldorf for the entire family – the ports of call

We start with a morning at the Aquazoo and the Nordpark (North Park):

The (1) Aquazoo is home to reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects – a total of over 400 species, each with very specific requirements when it comes to their surroundings. In order to satisfy its inhabitants, the house is thus divided into different habitats: for example, coral reef, rainforest and desert. When wondering through the habitats, you can learn a lot about the evolution and history of the earth. If your children are at that age of asking “why?” a lot, then we are sure you will be delighted to have professional support. The Aquazoo offers guided tours for children’s birthday parties and special holiday activities.
If you’ve learnt a lot, then you’re sure to want to play afterwards. And if you’ve been answering questions for hours on end, then you’re sure to want a bit of peace and quiet. Both needs will be satisfied with a walk through the (2) Nordpark (North Park). And the best thing? The relaxation oasis is located directly outside the Aquazoo.

Please note that the Aquazoo is currently closed until spring 2017 because of restauration works.


Hungry? Just five minutes away from the North Park by car is the small, picturesque district of Kaiserswerth; the (3) Kaiserswerth Market is surrounded by ice-cream parlours, bistros and other snack bars.
Reinvigorated, we now head to the (4) Grafenberg Wildpark mit Waldschule (Game Park with Forest School), a paradise for younger and older lovers of nature, where you can find almost all indigenous animal species, such as red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflons and wild boars. The predator enclosure with wild cats, foxes and other small predators in particular guarantees excitement. Other highlights include the enclosure for mouflons and the huge aviary. In the house of the forest school, children can learn about nature: there are various specimens, antlers, an ant colony and pond aquaria.