FAQ - questions and answers about the libraries of Dusseldorf


1. What should I do to get a customer card of the Libraries of Dusseldorf? – Please come personally to the Central Library or to one of our branch libraries and bring a valid identity card with you. If you do not have a valid identity card, bring a passport and a registration certificate. The annual user fee for the library card is 20,00 EUR for adults. For Düsselpass holders and for children and youths up to the age of 21, the library card is free. Children under the age of 16 should present a commitment declaration of their parents on a declaration form and submit the identity card of their parents.

2. Are there any discounts of the annual fee for students? - No.

Bibliothekskarte der Stadtbüchereien

Library card

1. Can I use the libraries of Dusseldorf also with my university library card? - No.

2. What happens if I forget to return the borrowed items? – If you return your library books late you have to pay overdue fees. All media costs 1,50 EUR per item or box and per beginning week.

3. What happens if I lose my library card? – Please report the loss of your card immediately and contact the staff of the library personally or by phone. Your card is blocked then so that no other can borrow in your name.


1. How can I pay the annual fee? Is it also possible to pay by bank debit? - The annual fee is to be paid in cash on site. At the Central Library you can also pay by EC-card.

2. What does the lending of books costs? – You can borrow all media for free of charge

Lending, returning books and renewing the lending period

1. What and how many items can I borrow from the libraries? Is there a limit? - You can borrow all items which do not belong to the presence stock of the libraries. They are marked as for reference with special orange colored stickers ("for in-house use only" "Nur in der Bibliothek zu benutzen"). There is a limit of 50 items for adults and a limit of 30 items for children and youths up to the age of 21.

2. How long can I borrow? - Books, media packages, factual and feature CDs, CD-ROMs, games and instructional DVDs (with corresponding identification) can be borrowed for 28 calendar days. Music CDs and film DVDs can be borrowed for 14 calendar days.

Media and search

1. Is it possible to order an item from a branch library to the Central Library? - Yes. Every title and order over the catalogue or by our staff will be charged with 1,00 EUR.

2. How can I find what I'm looking for? – Please contact one of our staff in the library. If you prefer to search yourself, please use one of our "OPAC" (Online Public Access Catalogue), which are catalogues showing the entire stock and where you can find what you need selected by author, title, keyword or subject.

Further offers

1. If I want to have a media item that is not in the stock of the libraries of Dusseldorf, can I get it anyhow? - You can order literature that is not available at your local library from other libraries through our interlibrary loan.

2. Are there guided tours in the Central Library? - Yes. On every 1st Wednesday of the month there is a 1.5 hours tour in the Central Library at 5 pm. For a group tour please apply for an appointment with the following form.

3. Can I use computers in the libraries of Dusseldorf? - Yes. In all libraries there are computers with word processing and Internet access to be used with a valid library card.