Data protection notice for "social plugins"

Display of Facebook and Twitter activity

Regardless of the services that you are using, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter collect different types of information via the end device that you are using (i.e. your computer or smartphone) and your internet connection (mobile operators or Internet service providers, browser type, language and time zone, smartphone number and IP address).
Upon activation of so-called "social plugins" (display of Facebook and Twitter activity), this exchange of data runs in the background; the State Capital of Düsseldorf can do nothing to change this.

The collected information can vary massively depending on whether you have services/registrations of social media installed on your end device or not and depending on which approvals you have granted. The information collected may be about the operating system, hardware and software versions, device settings and identification and device location.

Please only activate the display of Facebook and Twitter activity if you agree to the exchange of data with these social networks.