Cycling in Düsseldorf

Campaign "RADschlag - Düsseldorf tritt an!"
Campaign "RADschlag - Düsseldorf tritt an!"

Cycling in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is poised to become a cycling city. The city has launched a large-scale campaign entitled "RADschlag" and is introducing further improvements for cyclists as well as hosting the Grand Départ of the Tour de France taking place in Düsseldorf from 29 June to 2 July 2017.

Mayor Thomas Geisel commented: "I am convinced that the bicycle is a means of transport with a future. After all, it is quite often faster than the car and is also more ecological and needs less space. This is an important argument, particularly in a growing city like Düsseldorf."

So far, only about 14 percent of traffic in Düsseldorf is bicycle traffic - the aim is to increase this. This is why the Office for Traffic Management for the Federal State Capital Düsseldorf has now launched the campaign: "RADschlag. Düsseldorf tritt an." (cycling-friendly city Düsseldorf poised for action).

The Head of the Traffic Management Office Dr. Stephan Keller commented: "With this campaign, we want to make people change their way of thinking - and at the same time make it clear that Düsseldorf is not yet the perfect cycling-friendly city. We have already achieved quite a lot for cycling as a means of transport in Düsseldorf but there is still a lot left to do."

The key component of the campaign is the website, which has already been launched with the new layout of the city website, and the RADschlag app, which provides information, cycling routes and touring navigation for all cyclists in the state capital. Both media also show the tourist attractions on the ten city tours and also all the relevant addresses for cycling enthusiasts such as bicycle dealers, repair shops, hire stations and electric bike stations.

There are also folding maps, cycling tour recommendations, posters, cinema advertising, cooperation arrangements with cycling dealers and institutions as well as promotions and events.

In addition to the promotional campaign to encourage people to start cycling, the "RADschlag" campaign also aims to improve conditions for cyclists in the state capital. After extending the citywide regional bicycle network (700 kilometres), the plan is now to implement the 300-kilometre-long main bicycle network with the help of local citizens and the cycle traffic group of experts which meets regularly, as well as the quick cycling route from Neuss via Düsseldorf to Monheim which has received an award from the state North Rhine-Westphalia. The construction of bike storage facilities and consistent signposting are also planned.

"Everyone is poised for action with "RADschlag" to improve cycling in Düsseldorf for citizens of all ages. The initiative should reach everyone and link together all those that want to take an active part in it - bicycle dealers, repair shops, hire and cycle stations, institutions, associations," said Head of the Traffic Management Office, Dr. Stephan Keller.

"With this initiative, we hope that the cycling enthusiasm generated by the Grand Départ 2017 in Düsseldorf will give our cycling campaign additional impetus", commented Mayor Thomas Geisel. "Moreover, the attractive supporting programme will be focused entirely on the bicycle."

Christian Prudhomme, Direktor of the Tour de France: "The Tour de France is a celebration and a wonderful opportunity to advance cycling in all its forms. I am particularly pleased to see the city of Düsseldorf launching today a major programme to promote cycling in the city. In this way, the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2017 will bring the competition bike closer to the bicycle owned by ordinary people. As has been the case in Yorkshire or in Utrecht in recent years, Düsseldorf's commitment to promote cycling for everyone will hopefully meet a positive response in the city and the entire region."