KomKuK - Enabling Creativity in Düsseldorf

KomKuK - Enabling Creativity in Düsseldorf

"KomKuK" stands for "Kompentenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft" - or rather the "Competence Center for Cultural and Creative Industries at the Office for Economic Development of the City of Düsseldorf".

The cultural and creative industries (CCI) are among the most dynamic business sectors in the world. From advertising, design, film, music and literature to the press, arts, architecture, software/games and fashion – the entrepreneurs in these markets shape today’s business world with their ideas, products and services. As KomKuK, we aim at creating added business value with and for the CCI in Düsseldorf.

Our mission is to enable creativity by being a pilot, mediator and ambassador for Düsseldorf’s creative class. We support, coach and guide creatives through the so-called “administrative jungle”, establishing new paths if need be. We translate creative lingo into officialese and vice versa, making sure problems get lost in translation as we go.

We ascertain that politicians, civil servants and the general public get the creative feel good hug everybody deserves. We ensure an interdisciplinary exchange around economic structures, fields of expertise and yes: fun, too! We are part of the local public administration - and that (authority) allows us to be part of the solution.

In short: We do what entrepreneurs and companies in the cultural and creative industries rarely have time, patience or a budget for, to make the relevance, importance and impact of creativity tangible, perceptible and indispensable.

The EUROCITIES awards 2018

  • Video Eurocities Shortlisted in the category "innovation" - Düsseldorf and its Competence Center for Cultural and Creative Industries

Pilot, Mediator & Ambassador

Pilot, Mediator & Ambassador

KomKuK as pilot

The administration of a city with over 630,000 people is a giant undertaking and hard to comprehend for an outsider. Who is responsible for what, who makes the decisionsbased on what, what is required? These are the questions we hear most often from within the cultural and creative industries.

The KomKuK doesn't have all the answers – but as an interdisciplinary, well connected team, we know how to find them or at least whom to ask. Understanding ourselves at partners ans pilots for the CCI, we advise clients actively, with a focus on delivering results and suggest appropriate solutions.


Room for Ideas

Titelabbildung Broschüre Room for ideas

Room for Ideas

Business Center und Coworking Spaces in Düsseldorf

For start-ups or established corporates, for newcomers from Germany or investors from abroad, for individual startup entrepreneurs or team players, for 1 day or 1 year or longer. Düsseldorf has the perfect infastructure: 60 business centers and co-working spaces providing around 100,000 m² of flexible space for a wide variety of uses.

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