New online portal for investors

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Mayor Thomas Geisel (r.) with Sasha Uvara , Business Development Manager, and Angus Cushley, Publishing Director, both Financial Times, during the presentation of the new onlineportal © City of Düsseldorf /Michael Gstettenbauer

Locate in Düsseldorf!

How many ICT companies are there in Düsseldorf? Where can you find the greatest concentration of people with degrees in health sciences? In which regions can recruiters find the most people aged 20 to 29 years?

The Office of Economic Development  provides a new service portal for companies interested in investments in Düsseldorf. The portal  has been developed by the Financial Times and its service GIS. With the help of the data and insights of "Locate in Düsseldorf" companies can get a better basis for their settlement decisions. The locate in Düsseldorf data microsite combines a suite of powerful, interactive and mobile-friendly data tools to allow businesses making location decisions, to analyze and map demographics, labour force, wages, map layers, business, and industry data. The intuitive tools make it easy to share and export results.