“Free admission”

“Free admission”

The best things in Düsseldorf are free anyway: meeting friendly people, admiring the modern architecture, walking along the Rhine, and so forth. However, in addition to that, there are other freebies that are not quite so obvious, but which visitors should not miss out on – for example, admission to museums. Here are a few of the places which offer free admission:

Düsseldorf’s parks & gardens

The parks and gardens in Düsseldorf are great places to relax – at least in good weather. If you’re travelling with children, take them to the petting zoo and the Wildpark (Game Park). You can meet with friends for a ball game or some table-tennis in the recreational parks. Just bring your own equipment along.

Discover the diversity of the museums

The promotion of culture plays an important role in Düsseldorf. Art and culture should be able to be discovered by everyone. That is why many of the museums have free admission during the last hour of opening. This invitation holds good for the permanent and special exhibitions in the Heinrich Heine Institut or in the Stadtmuseum (City Museum), for example.

The KPMG cultural evenings in the K20 and K21 museums are also free. There is a richly varied programme with various themes and other events on the first Wednesday of every month – and admission is free.

Guided tour through the City Hall

If you want to have a look at what the local politicians get up to, go on one of the regular guided tours through the City Hall. The guided tours are free. Visitors are allowed into the plenary hall and the reception room of the Lord Mayor and can find out plenty of interesting stories about the history of the city at the same time.

Free city guide

Want to discover Düsseldorf at your own leisure, but not wander around aimlessly? Then get hold of a free city guide. This includes various information about the city, from shopping tips to information about art and culture. The city guide also outlines the “Düsseldorf in an hour” tour. This takes visitors around many of the city’s tourist attractions.