International Düsseldorf

International Düsseldorf

Around 180 nationalities live in Düsseldorf. Each of these shapes the city with their cultures and ensures a colourful diversity. Visitors can discover these different cultures everywhere in the city, for example in the Japanese quarter. Düsseldorf also presents itself as an open-minded, dynamic and welcoming metropolis at a wide range of events and festivals, such as Japan Day, France Festival and China Festival.

From France Festival to Israel Day

Numerous festivals, activities and events take place every year in the city, during which you can discover the different cultures of Düsseldorf. One example is the France Festival, at which visitors are spoilt with white wine, tartes flambées, oysters and numerous other French delicacies. There is also a programme of stage events as well as information stands on language courses and holiday destinations. Numerous traders have their stands on the Rhine promenade, at which they offer goods from their homeland. If you want to improve your French language skills, this is the perfect place to do so – most of the traders come directly from the France. During the China Festival, the Marktplatz transforms into a small Chinatown. Lovingly created decorations and numerous stands based on Chinese culture ensure Far Eastern flair. Israel Day is also one of the city’s annual events. Cultural exchange and celebrations around Israel’s Independence Day are at the forefront of the festival. Visitors can look forward to Israeli specialities and a colourful programme of stage events.

Japan in Düsseldorf

Around 6,500 Japanese citizens live in the State capital. On top of that, numerous Japanese companies have chosen to have their headquarters in Düsseldorf. In order to bring a piece of their homeland with them, a Japanese quarter has been established over the years around Immermannstraße. Japanese culture can be discovered in grocery shops, restaurants and other businesses. And it is not just the Japanese who take advantage of the shopping street; all of Düsseldorf’s nationalities rummage through the shelves, looking for Asian products. The EKO-Haus in Niederkassel provides traditional access to Japanese culture. It is also home to Europe’s first and only Buddhist temple to be built by the Japanese. You can find a Japanese garden with Asian plants and a koi pond in the Nordpark (North Park). Every spring, the entire city also celebrates the Düsseldorf/North-Rhine Westphalia Japan Day, which culminates in a huge firework display.

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