Düsseldorf – the Sports City

Düsseldorf – the Sports City

Whether on foot or with inline skates, on the football pitch or in the stands: the average resident of Düsseldorf likes to be on the move and also enjoys cheering on other athletes to their best performances. With around 300,000 sportsmen and sportswomen, of which 150,000 organised in different associations, Düsseldorf is definitely a city of sport.

Cycling in and around Düsseldorf

If you are interested in cycling, you will get your money’s worth in the State capital. There are many routes within Düsseldorf itself and around the city. The City of Düsseldorf created the Tour D routes in 2003, and these have since provided attractive trips through Düsseldorf. There are several exciting prospects for the Düsseldorf city district: from the “Pure Nature” tour to the “Evenings By Light” tour, the widest range of themed routes are available.

Speeding along the Rhine on wheels

It’s not just the Rhine promenade that makes Düsseldorf a skater’s paradise. Events such as the Düsseldorfer Rollnacht (Skate by Night) attract thousands of inline fans to the State capital every year. There are many popular skater meeting points: the promenade along the banks of the Rhine, from Burgplatz to the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), or a little bit further out on the Rheindamm between the districts of Volmerswerth and Hamm.

Lauftreff Düsseldorf and T3-Triathlon

Fancy visiting the city in a different way? Düsseldorf’s parks and the banks of the Rhine are also perfectly suited to jogging and running. More advanced runners can measure themselves up against other runners in the METRO Group Marathon, in the Kö-Lauf or in the Brückenlauf (Bridge Race). The marathon in particular is not just a sporting competition in Düsseldorf, it has also become a major event over the years. Thousands surge to the route to cheer on the athletes and to celebrate the event. The T3-Triathlon is also one of the city’s major sporting events. Over 1,000 athletes depart the starting blocks.

Swimming, surfing, water-skiing

No matter whether you like to be in or on the water: we have something for every water lover in Düsseldorf. The Unterbacher See lake is the place for surfing, sailing and swimming in the middle of nature. Düsseldorf’s rowers and canoeists scull and “paddle” in the clubs along the Rhine or in the Media Harbour. Swimmers can keep fit in the indoor swimming pools and open air baths. Wakeboard and water-skiing lovers will get their money’s worth at the water-skiing facility in Langenfeld.

Winter sports – even in summer

Skiing on the Rhine? Yes, it’s possible! The tallest indoor winter sports facility in Europe is located very close by, in Neuss. Winter sports fans can ski here the whole year round. Skaters and curlers have the opportunity to set out on sheer ice at the Düsseldorf ice rink.

Cheering from the side-lines

If you’d rather just watch instead of sweating it out yourself, go to a game of one of the top sporting teams in Düsseldorf. Whether the football club Fortuna Düsseldorf, the ice hockey club DEG, the table tennis players of Borussia Düsseldorf or the hockey team of DHC: excitement will be had by all. Horse races also regularly take place at the Rennbahn Grafenberg racecourse.