Catalogue of the library

Catalogue of the library

You can find the complete media stock of the libraries of Dusseldorf online on the Internet and you can search also in a mobile version with your smart phone!

Please note: At your next login to your account for the online catalogue you will be asked to change your initial password (your birth date) in an individual password. This is for your own interest and protection. The new password is then also valid for your media account of the onlineLibrary. Please ignore this information if you already use an individual password. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Help" button in the online- catalogue. The online-catalogue provides access up-to-date every second to the complete inventory of the entire system of the libraries via the Internet around the clock. You can search on author, title keyword or topic and with each displayed title the actual status of borrow and location is also listed as additional information. Moreover, as user of the libraries of Dusseldorf you can check your account and renew your media independently.

Restrictions arising from the Library Regulations. Information on lending periods and fees.

Please note that due to routine maintenance works temporary failures in the application are possible.

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How to renew books?

In the Online-Catalogue you can click on "My Account" and after entering your library card number and your birth date, you can see your borrowed books or renew by clicking on the provided button. You can see on this account all your borrowed media sorted by their lending terms. By clicking on the button "Total renewal” all media items will be renewed on your account, but there is also the possibility to renew individual media. To do so please select the appropriate media with a check mark and then click on the button "Renew selected items". The new date for return will be shown immediately. If a renewal fails, the reason will be displayed. If you do not manage to return the media on time, you can send an email to Please indicate your customer number and renewal requests. Non-renewable media will be renewed for some days.

Error message: "not registered"

Check again whether you entered your library card number correctly and enter your password again. Please ensure that by entering the initial password (birth date) the dots between day, month and year are strictly required.

Can I reserve media items?


You can make reservations of books and other media personally at one of our branch libraries, at the Central Library or directly from the catalogue. Once you have found the wished media in our catalogue, you can reserve it at the search results display directly by clicking the “request/hold" button. For this reservation request of your media a service fee (of 1,- EUR per book) will be registered on your account to be paid at your next visit. Once your requested media is ready to pick up at the library you will receive a message. You can see your reserved media on your account at any time. For further questions on your reservations, please contact

Why is my account blocked?

Everything is all right with your library card. The annual fee of 20 Euro for your card is likely due to payment. Your customer card will be blocked only until you pay the annual fee by your next visit at the library. In your account you can have a look at your charge account at any time. Please note that you, if necessary, cannot use certain online offers and services of the libraries as long as open fees are due on your account.

How to log out?

If you want to log out, it suffices to click on "logout" button.

Renewing non-renewable media?

Renewal of non-renewable media is unfortunately not possible in the catalogue. You can renew non-renewable media only by phone call at our branch libraries and at the Central Library during the opening times (Here you can find addresses and opening times) or by e-mail to Please indicate your customer number and renewal requests. Non-renewable media will be renewed for some days.

If your login fails...


If you have assigned a new password, you have saved it perhaps in your browser. If you have trouble in the catalogue with login "Login/my account" please assign a new password. It can consist of more than 8 digits. Please click "Login", then "Help" and then "Password forgotten".