Wifi in the libraries

Where and how can I use Wifi?

In the Central Library and in the branch libraries of Dusseldorf almost everywhere. Perhaps in remote corners, there are small dead spots. For using Wifi (WLAN) you need a Wifi (WLAN)-enabled (all devices supporting Wifi (WLAN) standard IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g), own laptop, smart phone or tablet PC as well as membership at the libraries of Dusseldorf. Your Wifi (WLAN)-access at the Central Library is the number of your library-card and your password of your online account at the library. In the branch libraries you get a Wifi-Password from our staff.

WLAN-Nutzung in den Stadtbüchereien

How much does it cost?

The use of Wifi (WLAN) is free. If many persons use Wifi (WLAN) at the same time, it is a bit slower.

How secure is Wifi?

In general wireless networks data could be intercepted. In awareness of the general uncertainty this should be considered especially when entering personal data and passwords. We recommend you to exchange confidential information only on secure HTTPS connections. A secure page can be recognised by the appearance of a small padlock or a key icon and by the URL address including “http s://ww...”. Problems with computer viruses cannot be directly caused by our wireless interface, they come from the Internet, often disguised as email attachments. Therefore, the libraries of Dusseldorf cannot be held responsible for any "infection" of your computer. We recommend you to install an appropriate anti-virus software on your notebook, as well as a so-called Personal Firewall. The libraries use filtering software and firewall.

Which regulations do exist?

Other readers may not be disturbed, so no loud keyboard clattering, no playing of sound files (except through headphones). Data with youth-endangering content may not be invoked. Illegal data and software for example violating the copyright may not be downloaded of course. The Internet-Regulations for users of the Libraries of Dusseldorf are applied. There is no liability for damages of hard- and software on your notebook arising during the use of WLAN. The same applies to theft or damage. Do not leave your laptop unattended. 

Is there help by the staff?

The service of the libraries is limited to the provision of Internet access over Wifi (WLAN). We cannot provide assistance for other hardware and software. 

If the battery is empty

You can find many free plug sockets for example in the Central Library on the work tables at the windows behind the Student Center on the 1st floor. Please use only those free sockets which are located near to the workstations and do not build "pitfalls" for other users. The use of the sockets in the libraries takes place at the user's own risk.

Password entry screen does not appear

Please enter any http:// adress into your browser.

Usage rules for the Internet in the libraries

Central library

  • Costs: none
  • Requires valid customer card
  • Age: 14 years and up
  • Duration: max. 2 hours per day,
  • Opening times: Monday - Friday 11 am – 8 pm, Saturday 11 am – 2 pm
Kundenrechner in der Zentralbibliothek

Children and youth library

  • Costs: none
  • Requires valid customer card
  • Age: 9 - 13 years old. Registration: at the Children and Youth Library
  • Opening times: Monday - Friday 11 am – 8 pm, Saturday 11 am – 2 pm

Branch libraries

  • Costs: none
  • Requires valid customer card
  • Age: 14 years and up
  • Duration: max. 2 hours per day,
  • Friday 11 am – 1 pm, 2 - 5 pm, Saturday 11 am – 1 pm


The Internet is a global computer network used by millions of people. You find in it all kinds of information on all subjects and areas of knowledge in many languages. The libraries of Dusseldorf now offer even more access to the Internet so that you can carry out short-term searches. You can use our Internet PCs from the age of 14. The usage time of these PCs is limited to 60 minutes. The internet PC in the child and youth library is available for children and adolescents up to 13 years. This can be used free of charge only with a valid customer card.

Library regulations

The general library regulations also apply to the use of online services. It is not allowed to change or damage the system and network configuration. In the event of their being disregarded, the Libraries of Dusseldorf reserve the right to exclude from the use of internet and library. In case of damage the libraries reserve the right to pursue claims for damage and legal action.


Unlike the previous media offering libraries to their users, they have no influence on the content on the Internet. The libraries of Dusseldorf are therefore not responsable for the quality, content, accuracy and availability of information. Since online-services on the Internet are based on a partnership-based approach, we expect you not to access, save or send any texts or images of illegal or offensive content. In the event of being disregarded, we reserve the right to exclude from the use of internet and library. Persons who violate any relevant regulations (Criminal Code, Youth Protection Act, Data Protection Act) or moral principles of society or use the online services for commercial purpose may be excluded from use. The Libraries of Dusseldorf shall not be liable for damages caused to the user through the use of online services (for example disclosure of personal information).


Documents and files, available for free on the Internet, are allowed to be copied to an USB stick. The libraries are not responsible for the functionality and being virus-free. When copying or printing of texts, images, software etc. the copyright must be respected. 


The libraries do not provide email servers. Sending and receiving emails via third parties (for example hotmail) is possible but the staff of the libraries cannot assist you. In order to comply with the age restriction a valid library card or an identity card needs to be presented.