Continued strong demand for the advisory services provided by the city administration of Düsseldorf

660 calls to the information line on the Corona Virus processed today

During the last few days, the employees working on the municipal information telephone line on the Corona Virus (0211-8996090) have provided many people from throughout Germany with valuable tips and information and on how to deal with the virus and on further steps. A further 660 callers were provided with information on 3rd March.

Many of those seeking information were calling from other local authorities and German states, in spite of the fact that the information line on the Corona Virus is a service provided for the people of Düsseldorf and those who work there. The number of callers declined somewhat today, even though the number of advisors working simultaneously has been increased to ten (previously eight). They will be increased to thirty should the need arise. The city draws attention to the information provided by the Robert Koch Institute under or the Federal Ministry of Health under Residents in other local districts should also refer to the authorities in their community.

The information line is manned round the clock, also at the weekend. On Monday 2nd March, a total of 1,000 calls were received on the information line (from midnight to midnight on the following day). Today, Tuesday the 3rd of March, approximately 660 calls had been answered by 4 pm. Whilst yesterday a test for the Corona Virus (COVID-19) was indicated in a total of 13 cases, today (3rd of March situation at 6 pm) an appointment for a test at the diagnostic centre was given in eight cases.

Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, 7.25 pm