Health authority concerning the Dieter Forte Comprehensive School: closure of the school not currently being considered

On Wednesday 4th March, a teacher at the Dieter Forte Comprehensive School in Düsseldorf but living in Erkelenz was diagnosed as having Corona Virus. Following intensive investigations of the situation, the health authority of the state capital of Düsseldorf decided in accordance with rules established by the Robert Koch institute that a group of 21 persons identified by name as contacts should initially not come to the school. In the opinion of the health authority, a closure of the school is currently not necessary.

All contacts have already been informed personally of the situation by the head of the school und are currently being contacted by the health authority in Düsseldorf for further advice. Given the current situation, further measures at the school – apart from those already recommended such as compliance with rules on hygiene, regular handwashing etc. – are, according to the health authority not necessary. Nevertheless, the head of the school has accepted an offer from the health authority to inform pupils and their parents as well as the teachers at the Dieter Forte Comprehensive School fully on the situation and suitable behaviour tomorrow, Friday 6th March.

Thursday, 5th March 2020, 12.17 pm