Eight new Corona Virus infections in Düsseldorf

821 callers use the information line – eight more Düsseldorf residents have become infected with the Corona Virus.

Eight more Düsseldorf residents have become infected with the Corona Virus (COVID-19). The details on those affected are as follows:

Four people were members of a group who were on holiday in the Austrian Tyrol from 29th (February) to 7th March. This group had the following close contacts (situation on 12th March): two additional members of the group who are quarantined from today. A woman with symptoms of the illness and her baby. A throat swab will be taken from the woman by a mobile unit tomorrow. A man from Cologne who has been asked to remain at home in quarantine – for formal reasons, the health authority at his place of residence in Cologne are responsible for this case. An older man, who had contact with the group in hospital on 8th March and is in isolation in hospital.

A further man who was at a different location in Tyrol until 7th March. His close contacts include his wife and grandmother (shows symptoms, swab will be taken). Two children who have only had contact with the grandmother will remain at home until the grandmother’s laboratory results are available.

A further employee of the Provinzial insurance company has been tested positive in the meantime. Thanks to quarantine, he has had no contacts.
An older woman associated with the case reported in a hospital has been tested positive but reports no symptoms whatsoever. Thanks to quarantine, she has no contacts.

Someone returning from a trip to Iran has placed himself in quarantine due to symptoms of the illness. Therefore, there are no contacts within Düsseldorf.

Taken together, this amounts to eight further people infected with the Corona Virus and seven additional contacts who are in quarantine within the city area of Düsseldorf. In the case of six others, it still has to be clarified whether they have become infected with the new Corona Virus. Results are expected tomorrow, Friday 13th March, at the earliest. This means that a total of 15 Düsseldorf residents have become infected with the Corona Virus. There are a total of 122 contacts in the state capital who are in quarantine.

821 callers received advice on the Corona Virus from the information line on 0211-8996090 on Tuesday 10th March. 22 appointments for a throat swab in the diagnostic centre and eight mobile appointments were agreed on Wednesday 11th March.

Thursday, 12th March 2020, 4.48 pm