The city is preparing for all eventualities

Refugee accommodation in the Blanckertzstraße will be vacated in order possibly to be able to use the premises as a quarantine station.
The city is preparing for all eventualities concerning the Corona Virus: as from today, the refugee centre in the Blanckertzstraße has been vacated. Roughly 100 refugees will be distributed to free places in other accommodation. The establishment in the Blanckertzstraße could then be used in a worst-case scenario as a quarantine station should people suspected of having Corona Virus be stranded in Düsseldorf or not be able to remain in quarantine in their own home. This would be the case for example if family members are already ill with some other illness and should not be put at risk. The building has accommodation for both individuals and families. "The responsible municipal authorities are preparing for all possible scenarios. We have the situation under control", states Mayor Thomas Geisel.

Thursday, 5th March 2020, 4.08 pm