Two further Düsseldorf residents infected with the Corona Virus

An 81-year old man and a 45-year old woman from Düsseldorf have been tested positive for the Corona Virus

On Sunday 8th March, an 81-year old man from Düsseldorf visited the emergency department of a Düsseldorf hospital complaining of flu symptoms. Due to prior illnesses and his poor overall state of health, he was admitted to the hospital and also tested for the Corona Virus. The result was positive. He is in isolation in the clinic. A total of 12 contacts in the hospital and in the man’s private surroundings have been identified and placed in quarantine. They do not have any symptoms of the illness.

It also became known today that a Düsseldorf lady (born in 1975), who returned from Switzerland (not a risk area) with slight illness symptoms on 7th March, has been tested positive for the Corona Virus. She, her husband and children are in quarantine at home. There have been no other close contacts since her return. The patient is doing well.

This means that a total of seven Düsseldorf residents have become infected with the Corona Virus. Tests carried out on pupils at the Comenius High School, who returned from a school trip to South Tyrol with pupils of their year, were all negative.

Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 3.59 pm