Young man tested positive for the Corona Virus

A further resident of Düsseldorf has been tested positive for the Corona Virus. The person concerned is a young teacher (born in1993) who worked in a child care centre.

He was in Heinsberg on 8th/9th February and possibly became infected there. But he couldn't have himself tested until 4th March. The effects of the virus were still extremely weak today. The health authority therefore believes that it is possible that he did not become infected recently. His 15 close contacts have been placed in quarantine. They and the children have so far not fallen ill. Should the symptoms of the illness develop, they will also be tested for the Corona Virus. Investigations are currently being carried out as to which of the total of 60 children in the care centre had close contact with the teacher and whether there are further close contacts. Since all the staff at the care centre are currently in quarantine, the care centre has initially had to cease operations. Contact with the head of the care centre was made immediately and by the evening a paediatrician from the health authority was available as a contact for the parents of the children in the care centre.

Thursday, 5th March 2020, 6.52 pm