Düsseldorf offers the best possibilities for Startup enterprises.

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Young, innovative companies are a catalyst for economic growth in a business location.

The Startup Unit of the Office of Economic Development therefore supports startups as drivers of innovation in the digital economy, helps develop networking opportunities, sets up contacts in the Düsseldorf startup scene to co-working providers, meet-ups and other initiatives.

The Office of Economic Development coordinates the startup network, "Gründungsnetzwerk Düsseldorf ", an alliance of 23 institutions which offers around 200 events a year on the subject of self-employment.  Startup loans, consulting programmes, venture capital, deficiency guarantees - a range of public institutions, banks and funds support startups on their way towards self-employment and companies in important development phases. The Office of Economic Development offers comprehensive advice on the various products and services available, supports the application process and helps provide access to investors.

Setting up a business in Düsseldorf - a guideline for migrants

Seminar: Setting up a business

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Startup-City Düsseldorf

An important factor for the innovative strength of the economy in and around the state capital is the existence of around 200 startups. As part of Düsseldorf’s startup initiative, a long-term strategy and several projects were defined by the entire startup community, all with one definitive goal: improving the basic conditions for startups in Düsseldorf. is the startup portal launched by the startup unit of the Office of Economic Development in Düsseldorf which serves the startup community as a central information point and guide with an event calendar, news and databases of startups, investors, corporates, advisors, co-working spaces and everyone supporting startups in Düsseldorf.

Brochure Startup Stories | 15 stories of success from Düsseldorf | PDF file | German version

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