Location advice, real estate service, permit management

We assist you to choose the right location in Düsseldorf, provide you with an overview of the Düsseldorf real estate market and help you find suitable office and commercial space.

We are on hand to advise you on seeking official permits or handling problems or queries with the municipality or other authorities. Whether your questions relate to building site development, planning permission, business expansion, parking spaces, or permits for the erection of advertising panels – we can guide you on your way around the various authorities.


Company support – large scale enterprises

Largescale enterprises have different service requirements from startups, small and mediumsized companies. That is why we also offer them tailored support and ensure that they are able to make the best possible use of the advantages offered by the business location Düsseldorf.

Innovation through cooperation

With our mentoring program and matching service, we bring together established corporations and innovative start-ups.  We initiate cooperations and help companies to network, whether it is process optimization or rapid prototyping.


Titelabbildung Broschüre Room for ideas

Room for Ideas

Business Center und Coworking Spaces in Düsseldorf

For start-ups or established corporates, for newcomers from Germany or investors from abroad, for individual startup entrepreneurs or team players, for 1 day or 1 year or longer. Düsseldorf has the perfect infastructure: 60 business centers and co-working spaces providing around 100,000 of flexible space for a wide variety of uses.

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