Creative industry in Düsseldorf

The creative economy is an important core industry in Düsseldorf. The big names in the advertising industry are based in Düsseldorf, award-winning fashion designers work here, the Kunstakademie (Arts Academy) is renowned throughout the world and the galleries are highly esteemed.
On the other hand, Düsseldorf can boast a large number of small and tiny companies in the creative sector which present a colourful, varied and original cultural scene and often provide unusual and innovative products.


Düsseldorf's creative industry in numbers

4,148 companies are assigned to the creative economy in Düsseldorf. That means that 12.8% of all businesses in Düsseldorf operate in this sector. These companies generate a turnover of 7.4 billion euros. Düsseldorf's creative economy represents 3.56% of the city's entire business turnover and this is considerably more than the state and national averages. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia's share in the creative economy is 2.54% of the total economy and at a federal level, the quota is 2.41%. The advertising, media (film, radio and press segments) and design sectors have a particularly high turnover in Düsseldorf.

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Advertising – Düsseldorf is the German advertising metropolis

The products of Teekanne, Löwensenf, C&A or Henkel are sold around the world. And even packaging made in Düsseldorf is known everywhere: Pril washing-up liquid and Brandt rusk packets were designed by the creative hands of Düsseldorf packaging designers.

Düsseldorf advertising agencies also market international products, not just those from Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf's success as an advertising capital is based on the creative infrastructure which has developed here: sound studios, film production locations, modelling agencies, photographers, graphic designers, exhibition stand constructors, printing companies - everything that is required for successful advertising is available here on site.


Around 1,200 companies can be assigned to the design segment in Düsseldorf. They generate a turnover of almost 2.5 billion euros, whereby the most important area of the sector is communication design. This underlines the enormous importance of Düsseldorf as an advertising location. The fashion design segment is also very significant.

Media location Düsseldorf

An impressive development has taken place in the media industry (film, radio and press) in Düsseldorf. All the print media forming the intellectual basis of business and finance are based here: they serve the information requirements of listeners and viewers following the WDR special interest channels, news broadcasters, teleservice broadcasters, film, radio and TV studios.

Around 750 companies from the film, radio and press markets with over 4.000 employees are based in Düsseldorf, e.g. the DFA, QVC, WDR, ZDF and the Handelsblatt publishing group.

Facts and figures

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  • Over 7 billion Euro in annual sales across all sub-markets
  • Over 5 billion Euro in annual sales in the advertising industry alone
  • Over 22,000 employees at over 4,200 companies (including self-employed persons)
  • Every 8th company in Düsseldorf belongs to the cultural and creative industries.