Digtal Demo Day | FEB 13 2020 - Düsseldorf


powered by City of Düsseldorf is a new platform initiated by the Office of Economic Development. It enables innovative start-ups from all over the world to present their technological and digital solutions for medium-sized and large companies in Düsseldorf, the top b2b location for industrial applications and IoT. At Digital Demo Day 2020, the INTERNATIONAL STARTUP BOOSTER brings together 20 international startups from Japan, Hungary, Israel, China, Russia, India and Latvia as well as 4 network partners at its joint stand.

Startup/Organisation Country Description
Pozi Tech Kft. Ungarn Pozi addresses the next important bottleneck of industrial production efficiency: Production Logistics. The company’s comprehensive multi-technology platform identifies and accurately tracks the position and movement of all objects in various production environments, in real time, and optimizes the process using proprietary algorithms, increasing efficiency and decreasing overall costs.
sincroll drive technologies ltd Ungarn sincroll drive technologies is developing a novel technology for gears where the company uses purely rolling balls to eliminate friction, thus reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.
The company proved the technology in several prototype tests, sold 8 prototypes and 1 license so far, obtained patents in 16 countries and built a customer base of about 1300 companies.
OROCON Lettland OROCON is an external construction site management solution focused on business daily requirements. We help for our customers finish project on time, quality and budget.
InPass Lettland InPass products are designed to help your business improve productivity and make calculated, instant decisions at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.
Altarix Russland Altarix specializes in the development of multi-platform mobile applications, services, high-load infrastructure IT projects for state and commercial companies in Russia and the world.
The company is engaged in the implementation of projects in the areas of digital government, housing, social and educational environment, business.
Goldenberg GmbH Japan GOLDENBERG is a startup for IoT, Smart and AI products. The company uses the latest technology to develop various IoT, AI and smart products. There are over 1000 IoT products and sensors, smart products and NB-IoT products. Examples are smart boards, smart mirrors (OLED), smart doors, smart curtains, smart refrigerators, smart lamps.
NeoX China Founded in 2016, NeoX is a technology-based enterprise located both in Shanghai and Tokyo.Technology Application & Innovation of AI/AR and Internet Big Data are the cores of NeoX.
Startups participating at INVEST INDIA Program by National Investment Promotion & Facilitation Agency of India
EVATO TECHNOLOGY Indien O4S is an Enterprise SaaS enabling Supply Chain Visibility. Founded in 2016, Series-A funded and now a team of 100+ supply chain enthusiasts working across Asia and Europe. Our prominent clients include ITC, PepsiCo, Honeywell, AkzoNoble, CK Birla Group & Zydus among others. Using the concept of Product Traceability, O4S helps companies manage their warehouses, monitor sales till retailers’ level & engage consumers for product verification. Our ground activations teams have impacted companies with higher freshness index of warehouses, better demand estimations & product placement and elimination of counterfeit products from the supply chain. Visit for more information.
SenseGiz Technologies Indien SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor-based condition monitoring, security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps. Their patent pending flagship product COIN utilizes a proprietary low powered point to point mesh network of tiny low-cost sensor nodes. The mesh network is based on top of Bluetooth 5. Mesh has an effective communication speed of 1 Mbps, suitable for high speed and high data applications, and has self-learning and self-healing capabilities. 
BSIC Biotech Indien BSIC Biotech has developed a smart petri dish by the name of KleverPD that has a self-locking system to tackle the widespread problem of accidental opening of petri dishes that leads to secondary contamination and hence false positive interpretations. The product has widespread application in microbiological laboratories and is recyclable.
Bilateral Solutions Indien Bilateral Solutions has a hiring platform by the name of Passive Referrals under which they have developed a Bot by the name of ‘Shreyasi’, which is capable of collecting data from major job boards/repositories, making automated conversational phone calls to candidates, and filtering 100s of candidates quickly.
LIGHT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Indien NLPBots - A first of its kind horizontal AI platform that automates conversations and Processes for the enterprise.
This platform enables our proprietary algorithms to be easily consumed by SI's and ITES companies to create solutions for their customers and themselves. NLPBots platform is Proprietary tech that builds Semantic Understanding for businesses.
Startups participating at 'Startupnation to Mittelstand Program by STARTPLATZ
3DSignals Israel 3d Signals accelerates the digital transformation of manufacturers to the Industry 4.0 era. The company’s solution enables immediate visibility into production floors, through the quick, non-invasive, and machine agnostic deployment of a wide range of sensors. The AI-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform transforms this data into powerful insights.
Castor Israel CASTOR is the Manufacturers' Gateway to 3D Printing. Our technology allows manufacturers to reduce lead time, avoid costly spending on limited quantities parts, and increase supply chain flexibility. These are achieved via the analysis of CAD files of parts/machine a manufacturer wants
to produce. The software can screen thousands of parts simultaneously and helps engineers in deciding if it is beneficial to use 3D printing or not, and if so, to manage the complexity and advise what is the best printer/material/service bureau combination.
CoreTigo Israel CoreTigo is addressing the true need for wireless communication of sensors, actuators and devices in the factory that cannot be addressed today by existing wireless networks.
Our end to end industrial-grade solution increases flexibility and mobility, and reduces deployment complexity, maintenance and downtime at the most cost effective and reliable manner.
We are creating a more connected industrial world that is not bound by cables, enabling a broad range of applications for a variety of industries. Applications include reliable and fast wireless communication for end effectors on collaborative robots, linear robots and transport track systems, condition monitoring, IIOT, machine retrofit, harsh environment cabling, revolving and dynamic components on machines, and more.
FieldBit Israel Fieldbit's multi-source augmented reality knowledge platform for enterprise field service workforce offers users rich, real-time information
and remote assistance through interactive collaboration with experts and digital resources. Designed to work with smart glasses, smartphones, and mobile devices, Fieldbit serves as a source of knowledge both on- and offline, empowering field service personnel with improved troubleshooting, safety and maintenance capabilities.
GOARC Israel GOARC is a digital safety company that has developed a technology for industrial organizations, designed to reduce work-related
accidents, save lives, reduce costs, and empower safety compliance. The company's system leverages mobile platforms and algorithms, collecting
data from various sources to analyze, predict, and provide alerts about potential work accidents before they happen. Israel provides manufacturers with fully automated visual inspection solutions that consistently find defects that are often missed by human
inspectors, while providing powerful insights that help boost quality and operational efficiency. Our advanced technology assists manufacturers in various industries to adopt to the 4th wave of industrial transformation.
NANOFABRICA Israel Nanofabrica, additive manufacturing for precision engineering, is changing the way things are made. We deliver patented printers and proprietary materials that reach an unprecedented 1 micron resolution over an impressive build volume of 50X50X100 mm3. Our main advantage is to enable mass manufacturing of complex small and precise parts. To accomplish this we put together a team of exceptional multi-disciplinary professionals and combined knowledge
Visual Factories Israel VF’s Digital Performance Monitoring™ platform is the easiest solution for discrete manufacturers, from any industry, to see what’s going on in their factory’s operations. VF’s cloud-based solution analyzes the activities of each machine so that everyone – from machine operators to floor managers to top management – can see the specific information that they need to optimize productivity and set and achieve attainable goals.

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