Invictus Games 2023 in Düsseldorf

Invictus Games 2023 in Düsseldorf

Through the power of sport, the Invictus Games support the recovery and rehabilitation of participating servicemen and women. The goal is to create a broader understanding as well as respect for all people who serve their country and especially honour those who have paid their commitment to society's freedom with their mental and physical wellbeing. This also includes the relatives and friends of the competitors – the “Family & Friends”, who have often made the decisive contribution to the recovery of our wounded soldiers.

Düsseldorf's Vision

The goal is to create “A HOME FOR RESPECT.” We want our vision to spread from Düsseldorf to the whole of Germany. Our citizens should gain new perspectives on the social role and significance of the people in the armed forces. For the competitors and their Family & Friends, the Games will be a visible sign of appreciation and recognition. In order to ensure this, we have put together an Ambassador programme.

Ambassador Programme

Ambassador Programme

As host for this year’s Invictus Games, we want to truly live the claim “A Home for Respect”. Therefore we found Ambassadors in Düsseldorf and our sister cities, who want to carry the spirit of the Invictus Games into the world. The goal is to create more awareness for veterans and war wounded as well as the games themselves. We are happy to introduce our international Ambassador Team:

Our Ambassadors from Chemnitz

Ronny and Michaela are our Ambassadors from our German Sister City Chemnitz. They are involved in the "Miteinander statt Gegeneinander e.V.", a non-profit sports association founded in 2004 and based in Chemnitz. The association stands for fair, respectful interaction of all people in sports and beyond. The integration of athletes is a special focus as well as the cooperation of all age groups in the individual exercise groups.

Our Ambassadors from Düsseldorf

Jill, our first Ambassador from Düsseldorf, works at the University Hospital Düsseldorf as part of the Health Care and Nursing staff. She is also a member of the "Laufteam der Bundeswehr und Reservisten" (running team from the German Military Forces) and highly motivated to spread the spirit of the Invictus Games. Our second Ambassdor is a whole team of people: The Cheerlears from the Football Team Düsseldorf Panthers.

Our Ambassadors from Reading

Kaya und Amaani are our two youngest Ambassadors from our British Sister City Reading. They are both active members in the Reading Youth Council, through which they will spread the word of the Invictus Games 2023.

Our Ambassadors from Toulouse

Jean-Pierre und Pascal are from Toulouse in the south of France and bring a lot of experiences to the table. Jean-Pierre organized the French marching teams for the Nijmegen march for wounded soldiers. As a person with both, French and German heritage, he is happy to represent Toulouse as an Ambassador for the Invictus Games.
Pascal is an archivist in the civil service, and supports an association committed to the inclusion of young autistic people through Art, and more particularly through music, called Neurodiversity CDM. He is also involved as a volunteer in organizing charity concerts for servicemen wounded in opex.