Düsseldorf Declaration 2019

During the Second International Mayors Summit on Living Together the attending mayors signed the Düsseldorf Declaration, a follow-up document to the first declaration on Living Together agreed upon in Montréal in 2015 (for information see below). This new declaration builds on the premises set out by its predecessor and emphasizes the role and responsobilities of mayors in fostering social cohesion in their respective socities.

Montreal Declaration 2015

The Montreal Declaration on Living Together is a manifesto that states the general principles of the International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together.  

It was signed during the 2015 Living Together Summit in Montreal by the mayors of the participating cities. It reaffirms the commitment of the members to promote living together and the respective responsibilities. It focuses on their willingness to work together to face common challenges of everchanging societies, improve citizen reception and inclusion, to combat discrimination and share the best practices as a result.  

Key elements of the Montreal Declaration and Living Together include:

  • Cooperation between cities and continual dialogue
  • Social, cultural and economic inclusion, especially of the most marginalized groups in society
  • Enabling all citizens to achieve their full potential
  • Sustainable and innovative practices to provide an opportunity to live safely
  • Balancing openness and vigilance to create a safe and free society at the same time

In 2019, at the Second International Mayors Summit on Living Together, mayors will be asked to sign a second declaration, expanding on the issues of the Montreal Declaration from 2015. This document can be found here in due course.   

You can find the complete Montreal Declaration on Living Together from 2015 here.