Summit in Düsseldorf | Konferenzprogramm

The City of Düsseldorf is honored to be the host of the Second International Mayors Summit on Living Together, which will take place from August 30 to September 1. The summit will include numerous events and activities, ranging from representative receptions such as the signing of the Golden Book by each head of delegation to interactive workshops, in which mayors will discuss the current challenges of living together in metropolises. The summit will end on Sunday with the official opening of the Festival of Democracy - a civil initiative to celebrate one hundred years of German democracy. The five workshops that mayors will participate in on Saturday are centered on the following topics:

Workshop topics | Workshop Inhalte

  • 5 workshop topics 5 workshop topics of the Living Together Conference in Düsseldorf


  • Creating spaces for citizens to (re-)connect with each other
  • Fostering a sense of belonging through inclusive urban planning
  • Empowering structurally weak urban neighborhoods


  • Providing sustainable alternatives to conventional means of transport
  • Reducing CO2-emissions and making green mobility a reality
  • Optimizing waste management in urban environments


  • Strengthening public resources to respond to adverse events
  • Creating measures to address and prevent radi­calization and segregation
  • Enabling harmonious coexistence in socially diverse neighborhoods  


  • Improving strategies and capabilities for urban e-governance
  • Gathering and using data to inform local policies
  • Fostering digital innovation and centers for creativity within the city  


  • Making life affordable for all citizens
  • Creating successful integration policies
  • Providing a diversity-embracing environment