The Parent Visiting Service Düsseldorf welcomes all first-born children

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The Parent Visiting Service Düsseldorf welcomes all first-born children

The employees of the Parent Visiting Service have been visiting parents of first-born children since 2009 under the slogan „Welcome to Düsseldorf“.

In doing so they present a gift for the baby and inform parents about many topics concerning the family. The team of the Parent Visiting Service consists of experienced educators, each of whom specialises in a particular district, and can therefore impart offerings directly at the families' place of residence, but also in the entire area of Düsseldorf.

Usually families receive a letter about 6 to 12 weeks after the birth of the child. In this letter, the service of the Parent Visiting Service is presented and an appointment for the visit at home is proposed. Since this is a voluntary offer, there is of course the possibility to cancel or postpone this appointment. Confirmation of the appointment makes it easier for the staff to plan the visits.

The state capital of Düsseldorf is certified as a family-friendly municipality and wants families to feel comfortable. That is why there is a wide range of offerings for young families, which the Parent Visiting Service presents in detail:


Currently you are enjoying the time as a family at home. In the future, the question will arise as to how you can find the right childcare place for your child. Together with you, the staff of the Parent Visiting Service will consider which type of care is suitable for your child and what steps are necessary to take next. In a joint discussion, you will receive information on childcare in kindergartens, with childminders as well as in day-care centres. You will learn everything important about the registration procedures, deadlines and fees.

Leisure as a family

As the daily routine gradually returns and you get used to your new family situation, you may want to get in touch with other families and discover new ways to spend your child's free time. The Parent Visiting Service will introduce you to the most suitable offers in your district or even in the whole of Düsseldorf. For this purpose, we have compiled a collection of different providers of family education for you. It ranges from toddler groups and family reunions to baby swimming or postpartum regression, play- and crawling groups and many more.


The healthy upbringing of your child is particularly important to you as parents, and the Parent Visiting Service would like to support you in this. Perhaps you have questions about breastfeeding or supplementary food. Maybe you are still looking for a suitable paediatrician or you are wondering how you can deal with your baby in an emergency. The Parent Visiting Service can provide you with the right contact persons and offerings for all these matters.

On the go

In the documents of the Parent Visting Service you will find an overview of diaper changing places and breastfeeding options. Therefore, if you are traveling with your baby through the city, you do not have to look for an opportunity first. Here you will also find the currrent overview of the dates of baby flea markets.

In addition, the staff of the Parent Visiting Service will inform you about the Düsseldorf Family Card, which can be used to get various discounts from many partners throughout the city. If you wish, you can fill in the application form during the appointment and our staff will send it to you afterwards.

Hand in hand

Being a family is not always easy. Things may not be working out the way you thought they would. Or unplanned situations have arisen that make your everyday life more difficult.
The Parent Visiting Service will listen to you and discuss with you where to find support. The staff will be happy to get you in touch with the right offerings for you.

During our visit, the Parent Visiting Service will bring you the Parents' Information for parents in Düsseldorf with children aged zero to four. If questions arise at a later point in time, you will find various contact persons for the services offered in Düsseldorf in the information provided.

Senior citizens knitting for the Düsselbabys

For several years now, volunteer knitters have been supporting the Parent Visiting Service with baby socks, which are presented to the parents together with the welcoming gift.

Many of the socks are made in knitting circles that come together in „senior centres“. In the meantime, there are also some individuals who now knit little socks for the Düsseldorf-Babies by making them available to the Parent Visiting Service.

It is a pleasure for the team of the Parent Visiting Service to see with how much creativity and skill the socks are made – and of course how much the families are pleased with this special gesture.

If you are interested in supporting this voluntary action, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your opinion matters to us

The Parent Visiting Service is interested in your concerns as a family and welcomes your feedback. Because the Child Protective Services (CPS) would like to develop further family-friendly offers together with you. During our visit, you will therefore have the opportunity to communicate your wishes and suggestions directly or to fill in a feedback card afterwards.
You can also send us an e-mail.

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You have recently moved to Düsseldorf or you have heard about the Parent Visiting Service and do not want to wait for the welcoming letter to arrive? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a visit date with you.

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