05.02.2018 | DÜSSELDORF "ASA NO KAI"

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08:00 – Registration, Networking
08:30 – Welcome, Breakfast
09:00 – Speech, Simulation
09:30 – Q&A, Discussion
10:00 – Close

The Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) invites you to share ideas, contacts and information on business-related topics while enjoying breakfast at our "Asa no Kai" in Düsseldorf. Our guests will be welcomed by Consul General Ryuta Mizuuchi. The event will be held in English.

Topic: "Handling a Corporate Crisis in the Digital Age – Crisis Communication for a Japanese Company Operating in Germany”

Multi-channel and convenient availability could be named as an important advantage of the digitization: Communication is possible beyond time zones, employees are connected in real-time, and (crisis) management became feasible in a virtual manner. With this "Asa no Kai" our speaker will present an interactive simulation of a major reputational crisis striking a large corporation. Participants will experience and learn how to deal with such a situation via a digital, fully interactive, realtime crisis simulation tool called "CNC Situation Room". We will simulate the case of a Japanese company operating in Germany. The event will present specific insights into dealing with traditional and social media, customers and other stakeholders in Germany, Europe and globally, but also show how to manage such a crisis internally within Germany/Europe but also with headquarters in Japan.

Speaker: Dr. Jochen Legewie, Managing Director CNC Japan and CNC Chairman Asia More information

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